Schlein will face Meloni while waiting for the start of the European Championships


AGI – Duel with Giorgia Meloni helps Elly Schlein get into the starting blocks European elections. It remains to be seen whether the secretary will take part in the contest against the prime minister, but in the meantime the dem leader is preparing the ground. Party members watching the secretary’s moves say they are sure the temptation to run is there. But you have to weigh the pros and cons.

Among the former is certainly Schlein’s ability to lock down his role as the anti-Meloni in the opposition. A role that also Romano Prodi he recognized him in two days in the Tiburtino studies and that, as they say from the Democratic Party, he deserves it thanks to the numbers that see the Democratic Party as the first party of the alternative to Meloni’s government.

Cons: Meloni could get a lot more votes than the secretary and that could put Schlein in trouble in the party. And then there are the women of the party, or some of them, who turn their mouths agape. If Schlein were to run in two or three districts, he would take away seats from Democrats seeking a tandem with a major representative who is expected to run, e.g. Dario Nardella or Nicola Zingaretti.

Schlein's battles with melons are waiting for the European start

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Romano Prodi and Ella Schlein

It is more difficult for Schlein to choose a candidacy in all constituencies: it is not part of demo culture, a parliamentary source explains, it is more Silvio Berlusconi’s style. The candidacy of the leader at the head of the list in all constituencies naturally helps the choice of the party, but the composition of the electoral lists already promises to be a puzzle for skillful solvers and it is not advisable to complicate the picture further. In any case, the polarization of the clash with Meloni and the support of Romano Prodi, in the opinion of the leaders of the Demos, have a double meaning: they put Elly Schlein firmly on the field to compete for Palazzo Chigi and cut Giuseppe Conte out of the ring.

Dems did not miss Conte’s “caustic reaction” at the press conference: “I hope that Elly Schlein is a federator, yes, a great federator of the currents of the Democratic Party, who really needs to internally clarify the various steps. well with Schlein. As for the M5, we don’t need a federator”, attacks the former prime minister. In the face of this attack, the dem line should fly high and not get dragged into the terrain of internal disputes within the opposition.

“We are determined to face Meloni and his government, we do not react to Giuseppe Conte’s attacks. Schlein never spoke against the opposition, but always took care to find common base, she bet on issues, as well as the minimum wage, with the responsibility of looking at the first opposition party.” So from the premises, the candidacy would be fine. Schlein can do it, repeats the parliamentary sources of the Democratic Party is certainly considering this possibility, for others the secretary is “strongly tempted”.

The guide is also a trip to Italy in six stages, announced over two days by Tiburtina Studios. The forum, seen through the lens of future candidacies, appears as a kind of “talent” or Europrimary. The presence of someone Rosi Bindifor example, can be read as a signal sent to the members of the People’s Party, who met a few days ago to discuss their role in the Democratic Party and in Italian politics more generally.

Another prominent name with a very strong pro-European imprint is the name of Federica Mogherini. But the participants did not miss the presence of representatives who did not make it to the parliament in the political elections, such as Alessia Morani, Giuditta Pini and Emanuele Fiano.

Then there is a circle of young speakers, or “reporters,” to use Schlein’s words, such as Laura Sparavigna, a very young Florence city councilor. However, we have to add the “citizen quota” that Schlein wants to include in the lists.

Prodi was clear from Saturday’s stage: “Don’t use lists as a consolation prize“. The Secretary was just as clear: “We must be able to choose who can best represent the ideas that have emerged in these two days, with open lists that aim to represent the society around us,” Schlein said in a report to gathering that closed the Studios event: “Let’s open up and not be satisfied with ourselves, let’s not see them as a consolation prize, an instrument of revenge or internal reckoning.”

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