seven tips to survive the holidays


AGI – Countless films have told it in various ways, and our personal experience often proves it: Christmas is to health what a sledgehammer is to the knees, and there is a risk of turning the festive season into an unpleasant mess.

Family quarrels, binges, open fires and late hours lurk for this reason as well Guardian decided to put together a guide so he wouldn’t get confused on Christmas Eve.

Here are some tips that should help you get through January without too much damage.

You don’t have to binge
When it comes to Christmas, food is a marathon, not a sprint. Think about what you eat throughout the day, not just one meal. Also, remember that it takes about 20 minutes for the signal to feel full from your stomach to reach your brain, so maybe take a break—like a walk or a game—between your main course and dessert. As with the rest of the year, try to include as many fresh foods, fiber, fruits and vegetables in your diet as possible, maybe try eating them without frying.

How to avoid food poisoning
Make sure you cook the food properly, resist the temptation to bring half the raw pork to the table just because you’re short on time, and separate the raw meat from the cooked meat when you put the leftovers back in the fridge.

How to avoid the Great Christmas Talk
When you attend a Christmas party with your family, you need to implement the same safety mechanisms that are activated in a work meeting: write down the key points of your arguments, plan what you want to say, and if a relative says or interrupts something, count to 10, change the subject or leave the room.

Flu under the tree
Get your flu shot: unfortunately we’re at the stage where it’s too late to be immune by Christmas if you haven’t had the vaccine, but it’s not too late more broadly as flu usually peaks between December and January. If you’re spending Christmas with a frail person and someone shows up at the door covered in hoarseness and coughing like a Newfoundland, politely ask them to come back another time.

Commercial Christmas
Don’t expect a party like the one in the commercials, and if you’re spending the holidays alone, it can be helpful to take a break from social media and distract yourself with something simple, like a movie or book set in the summer.

Alcohol and fire don’t mix
It’s easy to overindulge in alcohol over the Christmas holidays. There are so many accidents and many happen in the kitchen with cuts and burns. Make sure that anyone who is slightly intoxicated does not get near sharp, hot, pointy and destructible objects.

Sleep is extremely important for the immune system. Make sure your bedroom and bed are comfortable (not too hot, cold or noisy), exercise regularly, write down anything that’s bothering you, and if you can’t deal with it right away, take comfort in the knowledge that you soon will. Don’t let the Christmas binge push you to drink too much caffeine (which is hidden in some carbonated drinks as well as coffee and tea).

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