Sites and apps for organizing a last-minute Secret Santa


The Secret Santa has now become one of the most representative traditions Christmas. Regardless of the context in which it is organized – between family, friends or colleagues – a secret gift exchange can add an extra touch to the Christmas season.

Although highly valued, getting Secret Santa up and running can prove to be a tedious task more complicated than it seems, especially close to December 25th. Fairly determining the people who will have to exchange the idea, setting the budget and making sure that the recipient appreciates the gift is not always instant.

But technology can become a rare ally. We list the range below apps and websites who will help you with the organization and Last minute Secret Santa.


Elfster is an app available for both iOS and Android. After downloading the app and registering, you can set various parameters – such as maximum and minimum gift costs – add exceptions to allow exchanges to take place between certain people, and set a date, time and place for gift exchanges.

After completing this information, you must enter the names and email addresses of the participants. Application randomly selects a recipient donations and will communicate them by e-mail.


Although the Meta instant messaging service is not functional for deciding the Secret Santa intersection, some of its tools can be of great help. maintain a direct, efficient and fast communication flow.


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