Snow chains integrated into the tires, a new invention of the Kia and Hyundai brands


Hyundai and Kia recently announced a revolutionary system designed to simplify and make the snow riding experience extremely usable, eliminating the need for traditional chains while ensuring high safety standards. Currently patent pending in South Korea as well as in the United States, this innovative technology is supposed to make the life of motorists much easier in the cold season.

The future of winter tires?

The heart of this innovative solution is a wheel-tire assembly designed with regular grooves in which the modules made in one are placed shape memory alloy edge. This particular alloy exhibits an extraordinary ability to return to its original shape when subjected to an electrical current. Under normal driving conditions, the material inside the wheel remains compressed and keeps it off the road surface. But with a simple gesture, by pressing a button from inside the passenger compartment using an electrical impulse the modules will return to their original shapeprojecting from the tire and providing a excellent traction on snowy roads.

PUSH versatility This innovation is even more noticeable with its tire wear indicator function over time. In normal use, the alloy modules begin to touch the asphalt, even if the “snow chains” mode is not active, which promptly signals the need to change the tires. This additional feature not only improves safety, but also offers a convenient reminder of vehicle maintenance.

Hyundai and Kia have expressed their willingness to further develop this technology state-of-the-art with the possibility of evaluating large-scale production for implementation on other models in the relevant series, if the development process continues to progress positively.

Despite the exciting prospects this technology offers, it is undeniable that they exist some challenges potentially associated with its implementation. Regulatory and economic issues present significant obstacles that require careful evaluation. The costs associated with fitting a wheel and tire equipped with this advanced technology remain to be determined, although its positive impact on winter driving can be undeniable.


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