stable and with gradually increasing temperatures, what will Christmas be like?


The week opens under the dominance of high pressure stretching across the Mediterranean. Some disturbances in the south and the Adriatic. Temperatures gradually rise, Christmas holidays with a mild climate and stable weather. Detail.

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A robust high-pressure dome can be observed in it monday 18 December, stretching across the Mediterranean, from the Iberian Peninsula to Turkey, with alternating mostly sunny areas and others covered in thick fog.

Italy is clearly visible from satellite images, almost completely cloudless, except for some fog in the plains and interior valleys. You can see the snow-capped peaks of the Alps and the Gran Sasso massif.

Showers or thunderstorms are still expected in Sicily

Good weather everywhere, with the sole exception of southern Sicilystill affected by an isolated low pressure center centered in North Africa causing possible rainfall including showers or thunderstorms, although isolated and scattered.

From Trapani to Syracuse, including the island of Pantelleria and the Pelagian Islands, andyellow warning for storm risk and hydrogeologic risk, issued by the National Civil Defense Division.

Also associated with this disturbance is ventilation, still strong from the eastern quadrants over southeastern Sicily, over the southernmost sectors of Sardinia and over the smaller islands in the Strait of Sicily, with stormy intensification on the latter.

As a result, the Strait of Sicily is rough, the Sardinian Strait is very rough to locally rough, and the western sector of the southern Tyrrhenian Sea and the central-southern Ionian Strait are very rough. Everything is expected to ease in the next few hours and weather conditions will improve on the day Tuesday 19 also for Sicily.

There will be some more disturbances in the south and the Adriatic this week, snow on foreign sides of the Alps

However, this will be temporary as the same low pressure now centered over North Africa, along with a wave coming down from Northern Europe, will still be responsible for some disturbances during the week in the southern and central lower Adriatic.

in detail, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st the rise of unrest from North Africa towards the Ionian Sea could bring a increased clouds and isolated rain or showers over Sardinia, Sicily, southern Calabria and coastal areas from Marche to Puglia. In the rest of Italy, the sun prevails, with the exception of mist or fogwith average temperatures on the coasts and coasts, above average on the mountain tops.

Between Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd Furthermore, it is expected that this low pressure area, full of cold air, may descend from Northern Europe, which will tend to settle in our Alps, bringing snowfall on foreign slopes also abundant.

The movement of this cold air mass towards Italy will be accompanied by a significant increase in ventilationarranged from the north through the northern regions and from the west through the central south, with intensities that could reach 90/100 km/h.

Between Thursday and Friday, northerly and westerly winds will increase and temperatures will rise overall

Here we will observe the general temperature rise, more significant in leeward areas, i.e. in the Po plain, on the Adriatic coast, but also in southern Sicily, due to the important Foehn effect.

Christmas now almost certainly with stable weather and a mild climate

And this is how we approach our predictions 23, 24 and 25 December essentially stable context and moderate temperatures.

In fact, at this point the trend only sees some possible moist infiltration and subsequent scattered clouds, possibly associated with brief showers in the central and southern regions, cool night temperatures and maximum temperatures in a wide range of 14 to 18 °C on the plains and coasts from north to south.


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