still an anticyclone and hot weather, what awaits us at Christmas?


An unusually warm Christmas was confirmed in Italy
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An anticyclone is returning over Italy, temperatures are rising over the weekend so Italy will be split in two, what is expected over Christmas and Boxing Day?

Weather for the weekend: Mistral in Sardinia and Sicily, mild climate and sun in the Adriatic and in the north

The weather forecast for this weekend features a Saturday 23 December tumultuous for Sardinia due to strong Mistral wind with risk storm waves on exposed coasts. Wind also causes Channel of Sicilya calmer situation elsewhere than the border regions of the Alps, where they will return snow above 1000 meters.

Temperatures are expected to rise significantly Saturday 23 December in the area of ​​the Po plain and the Adriatic: a Milan 14C is expected, we could go even higher Turnip in the central hours of the day, strong wind and temperatures close to 20°C on the Bolognese hills and on the coast of the Adriatic Sea from Rimini until Bari where there will be clear skies, clouds at times compact in Campania and on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, where rain.

The situation has not changed Sunday, December 24 Christmas Evewhen strong westerly currents bring many clouds over Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Campania and the Tyrrhenian sectors of Calabria and Sicily with rain possible near the strait Messina and on the northern slopes of the Sicilian mountains, good weather in the north and in the Adriatic regions where there will be warm sunshine and temperatures will also remain well above average for the period, with only occasional compact clouds over Liguria.

Christmas weather forecast: sun on the mountains, fog on the plains

Weather forecast for the Holy Christmas holidays characterized by many clouds over the Tyrrhenian regions, upper Tuscany and Liguria with possible light rain and gray sky on Florence, Rome AND Naples.

We find the best weather on Alps where, however, the climate will be decidedly anomalous and, apart from winter temperatures well above the average for the period, a similar situation on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, warmed by the warm sun.

Mistral storm in the islands: risk of storm surges

Weather forecast on tomorrow Thursday 21.12 are characterized by strong winds with possible rain in Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian sectors Calabria AND Sicilybetter weather elsewhere with clear or partly clear skies, although there will be low cloud which will mean gray sky and morning over Marche, AbruzzoMolise coast and Puglia.

The warm sun will warm it up Capitalwhile a Milan and venues could be created in the western Po Valley banks of fog You’ll soon sweep the Foehn, which will then cause the thermometers to shoot up.

Foehn, which will send thermometers soaring across the northern plains, where temperatures of up to 20°C are expected

Forecast for Friday, December 22 see additional wind amplification: Very strong mistral in the islands with possible storm waves on exposed coasts, strong winds will also be felt in the Tyrrhenian Sea with possible it rains in the north of Sicily and in the exposed sectors of Calabria and Campaniawhile in the Alps we will find good weather where the sun will shine, except in the border areas, where snow is expected above 1000 meters with significant accumulation on the foreign slopes, but a very mild climate in the Po plain due to the persistence of the Foehns.

Weather trend from Boxing Day to New Year’s Eve

Weather forecast for Saint Stephen and for the following days characterized by the undisputed dominance of high pressure, which will accompany us for most of the next week.
Temperatures will remain above average for the period strong temperature inversions and anomalous heat especially in the mountains.

It’s still early days, but forecast models suggest it’s likely change in weather conditions corresponding to the last weekend of 2023, we will inform you daily about new articles.


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