still too hot, the highest temperatures will be recorded here


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For a few days and a large high pressure field it spread much of Western Europeincluding Italy, brings not only conditions significant atmospheric stabilitywith mostly clear or at least cloudy skies everywhere, but also and above all the temperature rises sharply with temperatures that locally exceeded apositive anomaly of 10 degrees.

We can see it clearly from this animated map in this article based on European ECMWF model which shows temperature anomaly we expect in Italy in the next few days.

Temperatures in Italy will remain too high

Currently on a lot from Italyespecially in the central-northern regions too high values. And then important to underline that major anomalieswhich are distinguished intense red colormainly concern the main mountain range in the country. PUSH situation more criticism manifests itself in precisely those areas where usually in this period, v winter solsticethere is fair (not saying abundant) snow cover supported especially low temperatures.

Certainlythe absence of cloudswhich would otherwise form as a capable hood trap heat in the lower layers of the atmosphere will cause the formation of a strong thermal excursion between day and night, actually during night hours here issignificant heat losswith temperatures that will be able to rise temporarily below the climatological averagebut to this cold phase another will immediately follow characterized again by very high temperatures for the period.

Between Wednesday and Thursday the arrival of the new disturbed flow will bring a cloud cover increase and some scattered precipitation which along the Alpine arc, it will take on a snowy characterthat’s thanks to the generals temperature is falling which however won’t last long.

These values ​​are not absolutely normal

In fact during next weekend high pressure returns to strengthen and carry over decisive increase in temperature in which he will be particularly interested northern regionsespecially Po valleyand eastern sectors Apennine ridge. You think it’s during the day Friday what about Saturday temperatures may also be recorded in the north 14 degrees higher than those obtained from the climatological average of the last 30 years.

Thermal anomaly
A temperature anomaly is expected for next weekend.

Needless to say, these definitely anomalous values they will put newly formed snow cover on the reliefs (where it managed to form), which will have a response in the series problems of considerable importance about winter tourism, especially in connection with winter sports.

Analysis is currently underway weather trendin large parts of Italy temperature they usually survive above the norm until the end of this year and this might have some catastrophic consequences for mountain ecosystems.


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