Microsoft’s artificial intelligence searches for the perfect battery material

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[ad_1] Artificial intelligence is already revolutionizing areas such as research, drastically reduces otherwise very long and complex procedures. The latest demonstration comes from a consolidated collaboration between Microsoft and the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to address the need minimize the amount of lithium that is normally used inside batteries. To … Read more

The Xbox series

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[ad_1] Microsoft’s Christmas gift to fans is juicy The Xbox series, the main console at home. From the originals 549.99 euros it actually drops to 409.99, with a discount of 140 euros on the basic set, which also includes the official wireless controller. The initiative is available on the official website of e it also … Read more

What is Phi-2, Microsoft’s new “green” artificial intelligence

What is Phi-2, Microsoft's new "green" artificial intelligence

[ad_1] The algorithm did not undergo a refinement process based on human feedback. Despite this, Microsoft claims that its SLM shows a better behavior compared to Llama 2 on problematic responses and distortions. The model is open source and is only available for research projects non-profit from Azure AI Studio. “With its compact size, Phi-2 … Read more