Talent Corner arrives in Rome, a smart scene open to all artists


AGI – Two tech stages that are activated by a “smart” totemsimilar in shape to a charging station, but equipped speakers and LED lights so that everyone can do it outdoor music, free and completely safe. Is called ‘Talent corner’ and it is an innovative project created by the Office for Youth Policy Capital Romein cooperation with Start-ups Open Stageto provide the capital city with two stations where all citizens, bands and young musicians can perform live, by simply booking a click through a special application.

The first two music corners, completely open to urban creativity, are already active in two points: allinside Parco Marconia green oasis on the Tiber and nearby Metro station A Ciprothank you also for your cooperation Attack.

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Oninauguration of the ‘Talent Corner – Generazione Roma’ will feature voices and groups already familiar to younger audiences, incl Sierra, Bianca and Demodé and a number of other artists joined who in recent days responded to the first “call for artists” to participate in the first two public events through social media and the new Roma Capitale WhatsApp channel: Monday, December 18 on the corner at the entrance to the Cipro e metro station Saturday 23 December in Marconi Park (with entrance from Lungotevere di Pietra Papa).

Two music scenes are designed to return one a completely free creative-musical space for any artist who wants to perform brings his music to the streets and squares. Each totem pole will be amplified, equipped with a microphone and have audio jack connectors for connecting instruments or a phone to play backing tracks. Booking is quick and easy: just book in the Open Stage applicationunlock the totem, occupy the time slot in the allowed days and times, then bring the show to life.

“We wanted to give our city more space for music, playing, rehearsing and listening, and I thank Lorenzo Marinone for this great initiative,” he explains the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri – we liked the idea of ​​giving the city these places, which are now two: one in Cyprus, for which I thank you CEO of Atac Alberto Zorzan which hosted us, and the other in Parco Marconi, which will open soon and will have free booking through the app. This will also have a fair amount of power so you can play, attach tools and bases: basically play and then pass it on to the next group. There will be time slots and everything will be digital. Then, together with Councilor Marinone, we want to expand everything and have more such places in our city.”

Capitol Councilor Demo and Delegate for Roma Capitale Youth Policy, Lorenzo Marinonethen he explained that “with ‘Talent Corner’ and ‘Open Stage’ we are bringing to Rome an innovative model of urban entertainment, open to all and truly inclusive. With ‘Generazione Roma’ we asked young Romans about their desires to talk about their free time and what they thought the city was missing. Among the responses, we identified a demand for places to express our passions, including music. ‘Talent Corners’ are this – he adds – real squares that are temporarily transformed into stages where you can show your talent but above all socialize through the universal language of music. It is a new form of cultural sharing from which we hope new talents can emerge, and why not, we can also discover new Maneskins

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