Tesla Full Self Driving is also ready for Europe?


Tesla fully self-driving is it coming to europe? PUSH Elon Musk’s house is about to start version 12 of FSDthe archetype of autonomous driving, or at least assisted driving of the highest level.

The wait is frantic, a new system could be introduced November 30at the same time as the new and long-awaited electric pick-up Cybertruck in its serial version.

Tesla fully self-driving

The debut of Tesla Full Self Driving in the Old World should be a surprise.

In fact, it seems that the American company put Complete information on autonomous driving in instructions for use and maintenance on the models that will be marketed Australia, China and Europe

Tesla Full Self Driving is also ready for Europe?  USA - Open investigation into Tesla Autopilot system

Tesla Full Self Driving, doubt remains

But version 12 will actually arrive in Europe, which enables a fourth level of assisted driving or one version Betanot yet at full potential, with limitations.

The fact is that Level 4 driving autonomy has not yet been enacted in Italy, for example. A problem that is not easy to solve, country by country.

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Last change: November 22, 2023


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