Tesla, Quick Command support is coming to the official iOS app


Tesla released an update to its official iOS app in the last few hours with a rather important news: the Shortcut application support, which in our country is simply called Commands, which we could define as a made-in-Apple version of advanced automation services such as IFTTT supplemented with support for the voice assistant Siri. There is quite a large list of pre-made commands and automations, mainly related to remote control of the climate control and car security, including:

  • Turn on dog mode
  • Turn off dog mode
  • Start pre-editing
  • Stop preconditioning
  • Turn off the Tesla
  • Open Tesla
  • Start patrol mode
  • Stop patrol mode

Officially, the update dates back to August 19 and brings the app to version 4.24.0. It is already available in the Italian version of the App Store. The changelog contains only one entry:

Access your vehicle’s climate controls and controls from the Apple Quick Controls app

Some automation could already be achieved with third-party applications, but more complete first-party support is now available.


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