The 2024 Lexus GX is expected to be launched early next year


Americans are warming their hands there Lexus GX is ready to make his debut in the States. It is scheduled to launch in early 2024 and will have a base price of $64,250. This is a significant increase compared to the outgoing model, which, on the other hand, cost about four thousand dollars less. And there are already those who see in this increase a good perspective for Toyota, which instead debuts its new Land Cruiser in the States in a price range of around 55 thousand dollars.

Models coming soon

The team of the South Korean company is enriched with this new Lexus GX. Between models The GX 550 Premium excels. which is equipped with LED lighting units, fixed running boards and an electric tailgate. The SUV also comes with a sunroof, towbar and 20-inch wheels. The passenger space offers seven well-appointed seats. The model also has heated and ventilated front seats wrapped in NuLuxe upholstery. The GX 550 Premium+ costs $69,250 and is equipped with fog lights. LEDs. The leather steering wheel is heated, as are the second row seats. There is also a smartphone charger.

Then there it is Luxury Lexus GX 550 which costs $77,250 instead. The wheels are two inches larger and the leather seats are all heated. The model also has illuminated door sills and sun visors of the second row. The Plus version of the Luxury instead reaches $82,250. Aesthetically, it’s the most elegant of the bunch, featuring electric running boards and a panoramic glass roof. In the passenger compartment, a refrigerator and a Mark Levinson premium audio system with 21 speakers also stand out.

Lexus GX, from SUVs to off-road vehicles

A separate chapter for the variant Overtrail, an all-terrain vehicle from the GX series. The interior has 5 seats and a heated leather steering wheel. The price is $69,250. The car has 18-inch wheels shod with 33-inch all-terrain tires. There is also an electronically controlled rear differential. Other highlights include multi-terrain selection and hill descent assist control. The Plus version instead reaches $77,250. It’s essentially identical to the base Overtrail, but focuses more on luxuries like heated full-leather seats. For what concern engine of the two off-roaders, we have a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 with 349 horsepower.

It is connected to a ten-speed automatic transmission and a system o four wheel drive permanent with lockable center differential with limited slip. This configuration allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in 6.5 seconds. The maximum speed achieved is 282 km/h. What about electric? Nothing about the Lexus GX yet, but those interested could soon find a compromise with a hybrid version that should arrive to compete with the aforementioned Toyota Land Cruiser.


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