The Apple Vision Pro goes on sale on February 2nd


There is a date the official release of the long-awaited Apple Vision Pro headset, which will debut on February 2nd with pre-orders starting on January 19th. At the moment we are starting only from the United States with a production batch, which is not excessive, also considering the price of over 3000 euros. On the occasion of the official announcement, Apple released the first advertisement on Vision Pro authorized Prepare (Get ready/Get ready) and it only takes a few seconds to immediately appreciate the parallel with the first iPhone ad in 2007.

If the first generation of advertising on the iPhone is called Hello edited in rapid succession a number of scenes of famous movie protagonists picking up the phone, the one in Vision Pro is collage of characters with masks or glasses of any kind. From Snoopy flying in his red doghouse to Iron Man in armor up to Star Wars Episode IVpassersby Ant man, Back to the future, Up! and many others. The title of the ad is taken from the scene Frankenstein Jr voiced by Gene Wilder, who opens the video. The basic idea is to combine wearing something on your eyes with a moment of comfort and wonder, as Vision Pro actually promises to transport users to virtual worlds in a completely new way compared to what we have seen so far.

The first official ad for the Apple Vision Pro


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