The best 27-inch monitors for every budget


THE 27 inch monitor are ideal for those looking for a format that guarantees quality display and which is also easy to place in study, play or work. It is a fairly popular diagonal cut among both manufacturers and users, ideal both for those who spend several hours a day writing and compiling spreadsheets, and for those who want to enjoy watching multimedia content or move between adventure, sports simulations and strategic titles. Due to the number of designs available, we decided to shed some light on the topic and selected ten designs designed to satisfy any type of need.

What to look for in a 27-inch monitor

With a predetermined starting point of 27 inches, finding a monitor for your computer workstation goes through a series of evaluations technical properties which may be more or less suitable for a particular use.


It is an element that must be seriously considered before making any type of choice. Those who expect to be used in the workplace, as a study companion or to manage normal daily activities can easily turn to the solution full hd, which guarantee more than adequate visual performance. However, the situation is different for those who are looking for a gaming model. In this case, the resolution actually goes up (in extreme cases up to 4k) is strongly recommended so that you can enjoy the graphics of your favorite titles as much as possible.

Refresh rate

A monitor that has a high screen refresh rate will display the image more smoothly, without frame drops and unpleasant effects. For this reason, if in working environment it is possible to settle for 60 Hz without any problems, let’s move to the worldentertainment it is advisable to step on the gas pedal and especially for those who want to play at high levels, push towards three-digit values.


Health above all. Based on this assumption, it is particularly useful when purchasing a monitor to check whether the panels are designed to counteract the effects of so-called blue light, thereby limitingeye strain. Control is important when playing games compatibility with technologies such as AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, which help ensure top-quality image quality by synchronizing with the video signal sent by the graphics card. Finally, it is not a basic element in absolute terms, but a support base that is equipped with an adjustable structure that allows you to change the slope and height can be useful in certain contexts.

Our choices

In choosing the best 27-inch monitors, we have researched everything the market has to offer and selected models in various price ranges suitable for studying, working, browsing online and playing games. Those looking to expand their offerings can instead check out our galleries of the best all-round monitors, portable monitors, ergonomic monitors, curved monitors and 4K gaming monitors.


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