The best diaries and planners for 2024 to organize the New Year in style


That agendas do you imagine the year 2024? The sequence of commitments to record, goals to achieve or a notebook called to guard projects and secrets? The New Year is in your hands, and January is the usual blank sheet of paper in front of which you feel a little lost. That’s normal. But don’t panic: the right agenda for 2024 can help focus ideas and clean things up in the schedule and give more space to commitments or free topics depending on what you feel you need.

To make your choice easier, we have selected the most promising diaries and planners for the new year, moving between the great classics and some gems that deserve to be discovered among the poetic proposals, literary observations and why not, special attentioneconomy.

A4 or A5, weekly or daily

Having to adapt to the needs of countless types of people, diaries are not the same. Some focus on minimalism, others on creativity; there are models designed to be carried anywhere, others aim to offer as much space as possible for writing. So here’s what they are aspects that differentiate individual productswhen buying take into account:

  • The dimensions they are the main variable to watch because they determine when, how and where the agenda can be used. The smaller it is, the more pocketable and portable it is in a bag or backpack, but at the same time it’s harder to read and fill out. The most popular of them follow the A4 and A5 format of the included pages.
  • Also cover and binding they can contribute to the practicality of using the planner. For example, a spiral-bound product can be opened and filled comfortably at 360 degrees, although it is on average bulkier and less robust than a glue- or stitch-bound product. For packaging, the situation is similar, with solid options providing sturdiness but being harder to carry around in a bag.
  • The format finally, it is mainly divided into weekly and daily. In the first case, one page is divided into seven spaces, in order to arrange as many days in one week; in the second, each day has its own dedicated page with more space for notes and notes.
  • The site content It is among the most important aspects to consider. First, a lined format may be suitable for those who record a lot of events, while illustrators and artists may prefer a dotted grid. In addition, the planners have sections dedicated to defining personal and professional goals for the day or week, but they affect the writing space.

The best diaries for 2024

Anyone who is comfortable with an agenda is hard to change, as we know. Sometimes the magic of a certain one wins over all, but it’s too early to say that yours isn’t among them new favorite agenda, the one you can’t live without and which you will choose again year after year. To help you in this research, we have taken into account the very different agendas at the level of both size and organization, both in terms of style and typology. They are like that pictorial and alive, you sober and elegant, but also those that are ready to make people reflect or support those who use them to achieve an emotional, work or economic purpose. And if you want to wander into some weirder designs too, just look here.


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