The best DJ turntables for rock parties at the touch of a button


(Last updated: January 2024)

THE DJ turntable they are the ideal solution for those who are looking for a device that not only guarantees quality reproduction during normal vinyl listening, but which can transform into an instrument with which to bring real musical performances to life. To satisfy the desires of novice disc jockeys or those already experienced in mixing and scratching, we have selected around fifteen models suitable for all needs.

How to choose a DJ turntable

We have already had the opportunity to recommend about ten turntables suitable for all occasions, and find out what are the main characteristics that a quality model should have. Are these the same features to look for in a DJ turntable? Partly yes, partly no. Let’s look at the differences together, starting with the basics, i.e. the driving force of the turntable, the motor. In DJ models it is usually recommended to choose direct drive motor, capable of maintaining a constant speed, having a greater torque (allowing a stable rotation to be achieved in a short time) and guaranteeing, for purely structural reasons, superior long-term reliability compared to those with a belt drive. It is also important that everyone is present series extra features, specially designed for those who want to make music through the turntable. AND Start/Stop buttonwhich allows you to very quickly stop the vinyl and start it again, the edit dial playgroundi.e. the speed of the turntable that the record sits on and the switch to enable reverse playback are all features that help a lot and give the DJ (or aspiring DJ) the ability to play, have fun. and enjoy it.

Not to be underestimated, especially for those who intend to use their turntable in poorly lit environments, the presence of lights place near the plate. This may seem like a small thing at first, but it actually allows you to have instant visual references without having to add additional external devices. At the end, weight issue. DJ turntables are designed to withstand the stress of travel and touring without the risk of breaking or damaging on the first trip. This means they are built with solid materials and certainly not easy. It is therefore easy to come across granite monoliths that weigh around ten kilograms when placed on a scale, with the heaviest weights in the category reaching up to fifteen kilograms.

DJ turntables: how we chose them

Our roundup of the best DJ turntables has been designed with variety in mind. Side by side, it is possible to find models designed for those who are taking their first steps as a disc jockey, and solutions aimed at those who want to have maximum control over their vinyl records. Alternatively, for those only interested in listening to their collection of 33 and 45rpm records (and maybe even a 78), we’ve created a gallery dedicated to the best turntables, alongside a gallery dedicated to amps and preamps for those looking to enhance your plant’s output.


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