The best grills for barbecuing like there’s no tomorrow (even at home)


Meat lovers know this: to properly cook anything that’s too big to be called “slices,” you need to opt for grill pans—which they are not grills. For example, the option to continue cooking is special for closed variants both sides steak to have maximum control over the amount of fat that will be rare without turning a very expensive steak into a shoe sole. You can cook with the best electric grills on the market also fish and vegetables, plate cheese or prepare bread for bruschetta thanks to more precise power regulation and many useful additional functions. But how to choose between so many models?

Main features

  • Open or closed: you can choose an open grill pan for grilling sausages, hamburgers and relatively thin steaks. However, if you intend to cook larger pieces of meat or whole fish, it is better to choose a model with a lid or a hinged one.
  • Smooth or grooved grills: also in this case, the smooth plates can be considered valid mainly for cooking sausages, hamburgers and vegetables, while the grooved version is more suitable for red meats rich in fat and juices.
  • Cooking surface: anyone who buys an electric grill to have access to ribs and other cuts of considerable size will necessarily have to opt for gadgets capable of offering an adequate heating surface.
  • Power supply: the performance of a grill pan is directly proportional to the speed with which it will be able to heat up to prepare for cooking.
  • Smart features: Some electric grills are equipped with advanced features such as automatic temperature and cooking time settings based on the type of food and other automatically detected parameters.

How we chose them

In the gallery dedicated to the best electric grills, we have collected 10 gadgets that can really improve the performance of those who like to cook juicy steaks, rare or well cooked at home, with the aim of achieving remarkable results. We took into account the best proposals when choosing them the most reliable brands on the market in this segment from the ground up 20 euros for basic products but also covering the middle range with different designs from 50 to 150 euros and we are pushing into the budget in the amount of 400 euros take home a professional and high performance product. For omnivores looking for the perfect kitchen gadget, we’ve also rounded up smokeless tabletop grills, tech grills, kitchen thermometers and low-temperature roners (and finally home-making the long-awaited pulled pork): you’ll find it all in the Kitchen section. OF


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