The best inkjet printers for printing documents and photos


The inkjet printers or inkjet printers are certainly the most common and widespread type of printer in both offices and homes. Compared to other types, such as lasers, they are lighter, more compact and, above all, cheaper to purchase. Their advantage is the ability to print on various media, including photographic, as well as high resolution and color reproduction. They also enable fast printing of photos and documents. Another advantage is the low cost of the cartridge, although replacement can be more expensive than the initial investment.

Compared to laser models, they are less suitable for printing large amounts of text because they are slower. However, for home or office use with medium-low prints, they represent inkjet models an ideal choice thanks to a good quality-price ratio. However, there are many different inkjet printers on the market that differ both in price and in the features they include, such as the ability to have an integrated scanner. So let’s take a look at what features to look out for in order to make the right choice.

How to choose a good inkjet printer

Currently, there are many models of inkjet printers on the market, due to their versatility, they are one of the most common models to buy, especially for those who do not need to print something every day. The high quality of color rendering is another good reason to prefer this type of model, if you do especially photographers. However, there are several features to keep in mind when choosing one of these printers, and many of them are convenient price according to use what do you want to do with it

  • There are several functions it is dedicated to print properties bear in mind. For example print speedusually denoted by the term ppm (pages per minute), from which you can understand how quickly the selected model prints a page, or print resolution (measured with the term dpi, i.e. the number of dots per inch) to understand how sharp the print will be. Then you also need to evaluate formats in which they can print, from classic A4 to other less common ones, and supports, including just classic paper or other materials, such as paper made directly for photographs.
  • Another point to consider is size and design. Printers can often be bulky due to their size, but there are more compact models that meet the needs of users who have limited space. In terms of design, in addition to purely aesthetic value, it can also be useful in saving space, if, for example, it allows the trays for printing and paper to be pushed in or the opening for changing cartridges is simple and functional. .
  • Cassettes they are one of the most important points because it will be the biggest expense of an inkjet printer after its purchase. It is therefore important to ensure that the cartridges guarantee a good ratio between quality and price, so that they do not run out too soon and do not leave ink smears on the paper. It is always better to make sure that the cartridges for your printer model are aligned easily availableso you don’t run out of money when you need it because you can’t find the right cartridge.
  • Connectivity This is another important aspect these days. More and more inkjet printers now have a Wi-Fi connection, with which you can connect them not only to a desktop PC, but also to a laptop or smartphone simply and above all without the use of cables. Some printers also work with Bluetooth, the more advanced ones also have cloud functions, USB ports or slots for memory cards, so it is possible to print directly from the printer itself, thanks to an internal system that can be controlled using a positionable LCD display. on the model.
  • Finally, many users may need a printer multifunctional, which also integrates a scanner or copier function, which is essential for those who want to use their printer to copy or digitize documents or other important files. Some printers also have a double-sided printing feature to facilitate certain operations.

How we chose them

Our selection of inkjet printers was made primarily with consideration different price rangesin order to have a model for every budget, we have included only products from brands recognized for their quality and rated models with extra features to satisfy even those looking for something more than just a simple printer.

For those who want to expand their search to other models, we have searched the corners of the Internet in search of specific gadgets: from the most affordable products for those who do not want to spend too much, to laser printers for everyone who prefers this way of printing, to Wi-Fi solutions for those who don’t want to give up the convenience of wireless printing.


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