The best programmable robots that learn to code


THE programmable robots they are very captivating electronic toys with high educational value, mainly because they can introduce even the smallest to the world of programming and robotics. These robots come with a set of basic sensors and actuators that allow them to move, respond to stimuli, and easily interact with their surroundings, but what makes them truly special is their ability to be programmedusing simplified visual or text-based programming languages.

Models on the market range from assembly kit for children from 6 years a more sophisticated autonomous robots for robotics enthusiasts and high school or even university students. In short, before you blindly jump into any of these gadgets, it’s better to be clear about what they are and what each type can offer.

How to choose a programmable robot

For those who simply want to give an inspirational gift, choosing a programmable robot can seem complicated. The skein is easy to untangle, and to understand which model might be the best to give as a gift, you just need to keep a few features in mind.

  • Age of use is the first factor to consider. Starter kits with simple instructions and basic visual programming languages ​​are available for children aged 6 and up. For children from 10 years old, you can choose more sophisticated models that also contain a programming code.
  • Difficulty level sets must be taken into account. The increasing complexity of robots must be commensurate with the abilities of those who program them. It is therefore a good idea to choose kits with clear instructions and few parts for beginners and then move on to more challenging models for those who are already proficient in the field.
  • Know that too type of programming language is important to program the robot. Consider whether the bot supports a visual programming language, a drag & drop command block, or a text-based one. The first is ideal for the little ones, the second is more stimulating for older girls and boys.
  • Finally, it’s good to have a look too materials from which the robot is builtto avoid buying a poor quality product with bad mechanical parts or sensors or unclear instructions for use.

How we chose them

The main point by which we selected the following programmable robots was the division by age groups, with the aim of proposing at least one model for each category. We then verified the quality and reliability of the product on a case-by-case basis.

For those who always want to focus on creativity but take a break from the world of robots, we’ve rounded up the best learning-based gifts for all ages for last Christmas.


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