The best PV kits to save on your bill and focus on clean energy


It finally is It is important to understand how much sunlight is available average in the area where you plan to install the kit. If the sun is often present and you have many hours of light per day, you can settle for a smaller set. Otherwise, if sundials are usually scarce, you’ll need to get a larger model.

What types of photovoltaic kits to choose

There is no specific PV kit that is better than others for use in every situation. Choice a lot depends on the conditions and ways in which it will be used, which may vary from person to person. Many types of sets on the market can be divided into those with storage space and those without.

  • Kits equipped with storage space they are generally more expensive, but in most cases they can deliver more benefits. The peculiarity of these systems is that, thanks to the integrated accumulator, they can collect excess energy within the supplied batteries. These can then be used when the collector system is not in operation due to a lack of solar energy. This saves additional electricity even when the panels are not actively working.
  • THE set without accumulator, are instead a simpler and more economical solution in which the produced energy is immediately used without being able to accumulate it. Although generally less universal, there are cases where these panels may be more useful. For example, when you need to power a business or commercial activity that is only in operation during the day in the F1 consumption band (Monday to Friday from morning to sunset), and does not need to accumulate energy for the moments in which the photovoltaic system will not be in operation. In any case, if you are undecided, it is possible to install a modular photovoltaic kit, i.e. designed to include storage systems that can always be installed in the future.

Then there are the gods specific sets for different situations and are designed to meet specific energy needs. The most common ones are intended for the household and various appliances in it, but there are also those for motor homes, cabins or boats, necessary for powering electronic devices in the absence of a direct connection to the electrical network. Then there are more powerful sets that can power the lighting system even in remote areas, or those designed for businesses that are much larger and essential to save electricity.

Understand the technical data

The last aspect that needs to be known in order to proceed with the purchase is the technical data, which describes the characteristics and potential of the individual products on paper.

  • Storage (kWh or Wh): indicates the maximum energy capacity that the batteries can store.
  • Peak Power (Wp): indicates the maximum power that the panels can deliver under optimal conditions.
  • Continuous power (W): energy can be supplied continuously even in low light.

For those who then want to choose from a limited list of candidates, below we have selected some of the best products currently in circulation.


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