The best virtual reality viewers, five models for every need


The first viewers were all equipped with a cable, but recently there have been many models that can also be used wireless. The essential difference between a model with a cable and a model without a cable is related to the comfort of movement you want when playing and working, but at the cost of lower performance. In fact, having cables around while moving around in VR can be annoying, at least until you get used to them. But on the other hand cable viewer has more transmission bandwidth image that allows you to have a higher resolution and visual quality, not to mention that you don’t risk it with a cable the battery suddenly discharges. Many of the latest models support both wired and wireless use, which solves the problem, albeit at a higher price.

Also, always consider before you buy viewer comfort, especially if you will be using it for many hours in a row. The first models of headsets were very large and heavy and often caused an unpleasant feeling of heat and heaviness in the head when worn for a long time. Fortunately, the latest models are more compact and improve the quality of the time you use them.

The last but extremely important piece of advice is: try using one to understand if you suffer from motion sickness. For example, there are LAN rooms in various cities that allow you to use them, so you can experiment before eventually buying. Motion sickness is a feeling of nausea that occurs in some individuals as a result of a situation where the brain senses movement even though the body remains stationary, causing confusion and effect of seasickness. Unfortunately, you can’t tell if you suffer from motion sickness without first trying on a headset: there are individuals who suffer from motion sickness and motion sickness but may not have a problem playing with a headset, while others who have never had these types of problems could suffer a lot instead .

Fortunately, with the technological development of viewers solutions have been created that limit motion sickness, for example by using motion systems in video games that limit the actions that usually cause this discomfort. In any case, we always recommend not to exaggerate the usage times of the virtual reality viewers in order to minimize the risks of motion sickness.

Technical features to keep in mind

Every virtual reality headset is like that a real gem when it comes to the technology inside, and also for the reason that viewers generally have very high prices, at least when it comes to the most serious and valid models. In fact, there are many low-cost viewers that are nothing more than face-mounted screens. The level of immersion that the high beam can provide is different compared to these other models, thanks to various technologies that can make the user forget that they are simply standing in the room.


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