The best wireless headphones for listening to music, playing games and taking calls


(Last updated: December 2023)

Those who are not interested in the consistency and lightness typical of headphones will find the v wireless headphones an excellent solution for always high-quality sound within earshot. Whether it is a reproduction of one’s own favourite songanswer one call among the crowded streets of the metropolis or listen carefully to the sounds that accompany the virtual battle and video gameThe wireless headphones are able to offer top-notch sound performance with rechargeable batteries that provide dozens of hours of continuous use. All this without forgetting the perfect design for those who don’t want to go unnoticed and the use of materials that guarantee maximum comfort even during prolonged sitting.

How to choose wireless headphones

Choosing wireless audio headphones, as with all technology these days, involves answering a long list of questions. Before you grab a model off the shelf or click on the virtual cart of an online store, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for and what are the most important technical features to consider.

  • On the ear/over the ear: On-ear and over-ear headphones have a significant difference that is easily discernible even to the untrained eye. On-ear models have smaller and generally lighter ear cups that rest on the ears and cover only part of them. On the other hand, over-the-ear models use pavilions that surround the ear internally, favoring the reduction of external sounds in exchange for larger dimensions (and therefore weight).
  • Listen, work and play: the three verbs just mentioned define the three souls that the headset can have. There are models designed to offer perfect sound reproduction, with dedicated apps that act as equalizers for further fine-tuning. Worker-oriented models instead focus on comfort and communication quality with microphones capable of canceling out external noise. Finally, gaming models must guarantee surround and clear sound, an adequate level of comfort for longer gaming sessions and microphones that allow you to chat in maximum relaxation.
  • Battery life: wireless headphones are definitely more comfortable than wired ones. They allow you to move without the straining presence of a cable, thus avoiding the possible onset of unpleasant inconveniences in the most crowded situations. This convenience is obviously paid for by the need to recharge the battery that powers them. There is nothing to worry about, these are long-lasting batteries, but it is important to know that the autonomy can vary significantly, from a few hours to several tens. In addition, some models offer fast charging systems capable of providing several hours of autonomy in a few minutes.

The best wireless headphones around


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