The brightest event ever, we may have found an explanation


A photon has arrived at Earth that is too energetic to reach our planet.
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Let’s talk again after more than a year an exceptional event occurred on October 9, 2022: a gamma ray burst emitted by a galaxy located at more than 2 billion light years away and that we were able to detect both from space, especially first with Fast satellite of NASA and then with Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescopealso from NASA than from Earth.

This event, whose official name is GRB 221009Aover time there was a renaming SHIP: short for Brightest everor “brightest ever”.

To know or check details about this event we invite you to read our previous article, because today, after more than a year of study, we will see what is behind this incredible event.

New theory, new physics

In fact a pan-Italian research groupwhich has as the first author Giorgio Galanti ofINAF (National Institute of Astrophysics), developed a a new theory to explain this event, a study was recently published on Physical inspection letters.

This new theory was developed because old modelthat currently in use describe these particularly violent and intense events, proved insufficient for this event that was exceptionally energeticwe could say almost too much energetic.

Among various very high energy gamma photons even one was detected on that occasion 18 TeV captured China’s Lhaaso detectorthe only gamma ray detection instrument that has not reached saturation during the measurement of GRB 221009A. It is abouthighest energy recorded from a gamma-ray burst.

According to conventional physics However, when a high-energy photon hits a z photon extragalactic light backgroundor the light emitted by all stars exists during the evolution of the universe certain probability let it come absorbed and disappears.

This probability increases with increasing energy photon and distance that they must travel through space, so photons energies higher than about 10 TeV radiated into the distance more than 2 billion light years (ie the distance of the galaxy where GRB 221009A occurred) should be completely absorbed and therefore they should not arrive on our planet.

Thanks to string theory, there is a solution

To explain the arrival of this ultra-energetic photon we have to pick it up string theorymore precisely hypothetical particles this theory predicts: Mountain meadow (axion-like particles), particles capable of cross the light of the extragalactic background unscathed.

According to this new theory, the photon actually reached us was ablein the presence of magnetic fields, turn to the Alps and then convert back to a photon to be revealed on our planet.

This hypothesis it is not for the first time which is suggested and is only useful in case gamma rays but this is true in all cases where there is a very distant source that emits photons at very high energies, such as Fsrq-type quasar (flat spectrum radio quasar) oi Blazar type Bl Lac.

Of course we’ll need it another observation and other data so that you can to further specify this new physical theory.


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