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Among actors and actresses under the age of thirty, Timothée Chalamet is probably the most famous in the world: his filmography is already very long and he played the main character in very successful films, from Call me by your name on Little womanof Dunes on Wonka. Chalamet is also a frequent presence at fashion-related events and is heavily talked about in gossip magazines: all things that have made him the face of even a non-cinema watcher. However, Chalamet’s case is rather rare in the world of young actors: especially in recent years, in fact, the audience of cinemas and TV series has become more and more fragmented, and it is common for actors who are very famous for some to remain unknown to others. for a long time.

This is true – as it has always been to some extent – especially for those who operate in series and especially in products for young people, because they usually have a very strong and influential following (especially online), but at the same time closed and not very contaminated by other segments of the public. The most recent example is Saltburn, Emerald Fennell’s latest film released on Prime Video, highly anticipated by some because of its lead actors Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan, but many others had no idea who he was. For those who always feel like they’re arriving late and wonder where those who mention everyone all of a sudden came from, below is a gallery of 25 faces to watch and related short stories worth knowing.


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