The first action camera with dual lenses


It’s called SJ20 the world’s first action camera with a dual front lens, with a sensor designed for general shooting during the day and a secondary one designed specifically for videos at night or in low light conditions. Packed with numerous accessories including a selfie stick that doubles as an extra battery, Sjcam’s compact camcorder is naturally designed for outdoor activities and therefore resistant to water, shock and abuse. Another advantage is the presence of a double display for continuous monitoring of the footage.

There have been a few dual-sensor action cameras released in recent years, but until now they’ve typically been placed one on the front and one on the back to shoot 360┬░ videos. The SJ20 is the first model that instead mount the two lenses on the front, in a way very similar to smartphones with a rear multi-camera. Instead of capturing 3D video, the two-lens approach tries to solve it any problems caused by lighting conditions with a traditional daytime activity sensor and a sensor that has been specially designed to capture as much light as possible at night or in dark environments. The main eye (located at the top) offers an average aperture with a segment, i.e. f/2, while the night eye (at the bottom) increase the aperture to f/1.3: the result is the ability to shoot much clearer videos with less noise. Both sensors have 20 megapixels and can reach resolutions up to 4k, while also using an image stabilization system, which is essential for action cameras that are usually used in very dynamic contexts. The battery can offer a duration of 2.5 hours.

The main display on the back is a 2.29-inch touchscreen there is also a secondary screen 1.3 inches on the front for framing controls in selfie mode, while among the many optional extras is an extra battery that can be used at the bottom or a selfie stick equipped with an extra battery as well. Prices start from 220 euros and you can already order on the official website.


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