The first electric car to complete the journey from the North Pole to the South Pole


First car in history to finish journey from the north pole to the south pole It is electric car. Specifically, it is one A specially modified Nissan Ariya with all-wheel drive to face the most extreme climatic conditions and unusual roads (for example, those on ice), but in its basics it is not so different from the EV crossover sold at dealers. Mission trip From pole to pole was completed in nearly nine months, with more to come 23,000 km crossing the American continent to connect the earth’s two magnetic poles.

It is important to note how climate change had an impact on initial programs. The video below, filmed in the Arctic region, shows the state of the ice roads with massive fractures, which forced the team of Scottish couple Chris and Julie Ramsey to speed up their journeys, given that the thawing of these special temporary routes took place well in advance of previous seasons.

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After being the first to complete the Mongol Rally (UK to Siberia) in an electric drive, Chris and Julie tackled the epic journey with some improvements to the design of the Nissan Ariya. In fact, it was aimed at 39 inch tires, lift drivetrain and suspension without changing them compared to the standard model. It was thus possible to first reach North America from the North Pole, then reach the equator and continue in the Southern Hemisphere to the end of South America.


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