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Professionals Experts in the supply chainengineering and construction, in the use of drones, 3D printers for construction, satellites and fiber optics for infrastructure monitoring. Group Expressway Italy continues its journey to innovate and introduce skills for the mobility of the future and further strengthens the synergy withFriedrich II University with the launch of the third edition Smart Infrastructure and Construction Academy (SIC Academy).

An important new element this year: launching specific training courses associated with the world Engineering and construction thanks to the involvement of Amplia Infrastructures, a group company, a leader in Italy in the creation of complex infrastructures, and the introduction of modules dedicated to artificial intelligence and new technologies.

Academy courses they support the creation of an integrated supply chain between large companies and university excellence that opens up the world of construction and engineering and prepares students for the professions of the future. By creating a business school for sustainable infrastructure professionals, Aspi will be able to hire a new workforce capable of contributing to the development of highway assets in the name of safety, technology and sustainability.

New routes the training courses were presented on the occasion of the launch of the third year of the SIC Academy, which is the result of a partnership between Federico II and the companies Tecne and Amplia of the Aspi group: the initiative is part of the “Autostrade del Sapere” project, a broad network strategy with the most important national universities to train highly professional profiles for the development, management and monitoring of road and highway infrastructure.

Among the new features of this third edition there is also the beginning of a journey of educational collaboration between the academies already incorporated and present in the Naples area, in particular the Apple Academy and the Cisco Academy, both through educational experiences that can be developed in the context of the digitalization of infrastructures and the sustainability and regeneration of infrastructure networks and in the development of the project work envisaged by Sic Academy.

They attended the ceremony among others connected remotely are Gaetano Manfredi, Mayor of Naples, Elisabetta Oliveri, President of Autostrade per l’Italia, Roberto Tomasi, CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia, Ennio Cascetta, President of Tecne, Director of the Human Capital Organization of the Aspi Group, Gian Luca Orefice and Andrea Prota, Director of the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture Federica II and Teaching Coordinator of the SIC Academy.

Academy Sic has already trained and placed dozens of new engineers with specialized skills at Aspi. A concrete and effective response to the problem of skills shortages and mismatches, which society strongly advocates at national and systemic levels. The start of the courses of the new academic year, which this year will be attended by 36 students (18 young recent graduates and 18 employees of the Aspi Group), was an opportunity to present news related to technological innovations of the infrastructure. System.

The profession of the future. Both in scope Engineeringboth in the field ConstructionConstant research into the most innovative technological approaches that allow professionals in the industry to streamline and improve their work is essential. For this reason inside Intelligent infrastructure and construction academy specific modules aimed at training professionals in the use of drones for both inspections and maintenance will be implemented; about the use of 3D printers also in the infrastructure sector (such as concrete printing technology); on the use of optical fiber to monitor works of art and infrastructure from a satellite.

Structured lessons that address innovation and technology provide management, infrastructure monitoring and activity planning professionals with all the tools necessary to achieve professional and personal improvement. In addition, visits to construction sites such as those on the Naples circuit are planned, open to a laboratory for technological experiments, to show students the innovations used in the development and monitoring of road works.

The transformation plan that the Group is implementing – reports the president of Autostrade per l’Italia, Elisabetta Oliveri – rIt necessarily requires the use of huge resources and trained professionals with specialized skills: with the Academy, the university world and a network of companies, they contribute to the training of professionals who are experts in sustainable infrastructures and in line with technological developments. An important synergy that is renewed this year and strengthens the construction sector with the participation of Amplia, a leading company in the field. We put people at the center to support the growth and development of our nation’s highway network“.

A project that combines the energies of businesses and university excellence – he declares Roberto Tomasi, CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia – with the aim of educating the professionals of the future. On the one hand, we are strengthening the partnership with Federico II, on the other hand, we are trying to use new technologies in the infrastructure sector. A virtuous model able to bring benefits for the future of the country’s infrastructure, also thanks to close relations with other academies present in the area. We invest in artificial intelligence and civil engineering through specialized and increasingly structured courses. Sic Academy is an expression of our commitment, a strategy aimed at making our network more and more modern, innovative and responsive“.

Launch of the new SIC Academy course – states REctor Matteo Lorito – electricThe exceptional placement obtained after this advanced course is confirmation that the academy model works very well. University companies collaborating on advanced training, each making their know-how and skills available, is a winning formula. The goal is to give more and more opportunities to children who decide to study at Federico II“.

The journey that started with Autostrade two years ago continues and develops more and more efficiently. declares Andrea Prota, Director of the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture Federica II and teaching coordinator of the SIC Academy

Who adds: “We educate young qualified resources who can gain a qualified entry into the world of work and provide new energy for the goal of creating and maintaining infrastructures that are safe for citizens and using digital technologies. In this sense, the edition that is about to launch increases the focus on the organizational and technical aspects of the implementation of interventions and starts a new path of contamination with other academies already operating in the innovation ecosystem of the Federiciano Campus in San Giovanni and Teduccio“.

What’s new in the third edition. Just like the openness of the world Construction, integration with other Academies in the area and the involvement of Amplia, the participants have already signed an agreement on training and work activities, which guarantees them a study allowance for the entire duration of the training and, in case of completion of the course, an offer of employment within the group companies.

Next, the participants they will be supported by individual tutoring and exclusively implemented by internal experts who will actively participate in the training cycle by anticipating the stages of the onboarding process

Further a Introductory week A halfway through the course to introduce students to the Group up close. Another important aspect is synergy with various corporate entities, namely contamination with other academies already operating in the area, through integrated teaching and sharing joint project work.

Highway of knowledge

Sic Academy is part of the Aspi project “Highway of Knowledge” which brings value in various areas such as research, development and talent attraction. A network of relationships and partnerships with 17 major Italian universities and research centers in the country.

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Last change: October 30, 2023


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