The iPhone 16 will have vertically aligned cameras


iPhone 16 the design of the rear cameras could differ not only for purely aesthetic reasons, but also for functional reasons. The latest rumors about the next generation of iPhones assume one vertical arrangement for lenses on the backto facilitate the capture of immersive 3D videos on Vision Pro. So the next model will return to the style last seen on the standard version of the iPhone 12, with the difference of much bigger and brighter sensors.

The rear camera cover has now become the only real discriminator on an aesthetic level that differentiates one smartphone from another. There are models that focus on a square island, others are round and thus the arrangement of the various sensors can follow a vertical, horizontal or more unusual arrangement. So far, Apple has been consistent with its smartphone eye layout ever since it introduced the dual sensor, switching to a diagonal layout from the iPhone 13. From the iPhone 16, it should return to a vertical positionas published MacRumors. In the cover image you see two options, the more classic one on the left (which seems the most reliable) and the one with a more prominent and uniform projection of both cameras on the right, which in a way resembles what was already seen with the iPhone’s rear “pill”.

Two vertical sensors allow you to record spatial videos ready for viewing on Vision Pro: a privilege for now only iPhone 15 Pro. movies are immersive and three-dimensionalwith quality currently limited to full HD and 30 frames per second, but this could improve in 2024. Going back to the iPhone 16 design, the flash would remain on the top right for both options, while for recording, the buttons on the side would also included a programmable action button, which should also apply to standard models from next year.


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