The Lamborghini Urus Performante will also arrive for the state police


Continuation of almost twenty years of tradition between Lamborghini cars AND state police this morning in the presence of Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni, Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi and Police Chief Vittorio Pisani, Stephen WinkelmannCEO of Lamborghini Automobili, added a Introducing the Urus to the police. “It is a great pride – said Winkelmann – to hand over this car to the police. In 20 years, five Lamborghinis have been handed over. The police, which at the moment already has two Uracans, will be able to count on an Urus configured for the needs of the Institute’s services and equipped for transport from today institutions. We are Made in Italy excellence and we are proud to give something back to the institutions.”

Lamborghini Urus

The first Lamborghini to wear the uniform was the Gallardo in 2004, replaced by the Huracan in 2015. In addition to traditional service equipment, Huracans, like the Urus, are equipped with the most modern technological and emergency equipment: a tablet for querying databases, a video camera for automatic reading of license plates and transmission of images to the operations center. and a defibrillator for emergency rescue. In addition, there was a space under the front hood dedicated to keeping the organ. Since 2019, PČR has been cooperating with the National Transplantation Center, and Sant’Agata vehicles are mainly used for urgent transport of human organs and tissues, plasma and pharmaceutical products in conditions of need and urgency. The operators of the State Police, who are trained in a two-month course by professional Lamborghini drivers, will ensure the delivery of the precious cargo quickly and in maximum safety. Huracans are also used for surveillance on roads and highways during periods of heavy traffic. Since 2004, PČR has carried out 242 organ transports, 382 operational procedures on roads and highways and intervened in more than 2,013 road educational meetings aimed at spreading the culture of safe driving with Toro vehicles. The Urus, which will enter service early next year, should be destined for the Polstrada division in Bologna.


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