The least powerful computer in the world


The least powerful computer in the world it’s the Japanese Naoto64 from Switch Science, a single-board model like the famous Raspberry Pi. However, unlike the bestseller in the field, it is practically useless: after spending approx 15 euros and when you assemble it at home, it only offers to turn the LED on and off and nothing more. But on the other hand, you can’t expect anyone to know what processor with only 1 bit and 1 Hz and the inability to connect any peripherals. However, was sold out.

The technical sheet of the little Naoto64 undoubtedly places it at the last level of typical computers super low power or very low power: the processor is only 1 bit and runs at a frequency of 1 Hz and guarantees a 2-bit address space and 4-bit ROM capacity. Translated: the only process that can stand is that turn on, off or blink the connected LEDs. He can’t even keep it Fatea game that can be played anywhere from scientific calculators to electronic pregnancy tests, that’s why cannot connect to peripheral devices such as monitors, keyboards or mice. Power comes from the USB Type-C interface, but the cable is not included in the small assembly package prepared by the makers of Switch Science. In total, 50 components are mounted on the board, which serves as the basis and support of the system, and an instruction manual that summarizes everything on one page.

Video showing Naoto64 in action

The least powerful computer in the world is aideal gift idea for enthusiasts or for those who want to try the basics of IT and electronics. At the moment, it can only be purchased in Japan from the manufacturer’s official website for a price of ¬•2500 or thereabouts 15 euros. But people in and around Tokyo will have to wait as all stock has sold out, meaning a major sale.


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