The long-awaited eruption of a volcano in Iceland has finally begun


In Iceland, after weeks of warning signs such as earthquake swarms and changes in gas emissions, lava began to flow near Grindavik and the famous Blue Lagoon spa. eruption (which you can watch live below via a local webcam) left north of Grindavik last night, around 23:15 Italian time, following an increase in seismic activity that has been occurring since the end of October 2023.

3.5 km long fissure. The Icelandic Meteorological Office reported that about 4 kilometers northeast of Grindavik, a fissure about 3.5 kilometers long (so it is a kind of “extended volcano”) has appeared, moving towards the town. The eruption can be seen from Reykjav√≠k, about 42 kilometers northeast of Grindavik. The volcanic fissure is releasing an estimated amount of lava between 100 and 200 cubic meters per second.

This eruption, with a lava flow significantly higher than the previous one on the Reykjanes peninsula, was defined as an event of considerable magnitude. Civil protection officer Vidir Reynisson described the eruption as rapid and of considerable size, with lava spreading in different directions from a large fissure.

Such events, common in Iceland, are the result of activity along the Mid-Atlantic Rift, which separates the European plate from the American plate, and hot spots, areas where lava rises from the Earth’s mantle. This eruption originates from a lava reservoir about 15 kilometers deep, with magma rising gradually over the previous months.


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