The new Lexus LBX: prices and features


Betting (all or many on pink). Or rather for pink quotas. But without losing sight of the main goal: to also seduce the male car population by achieving a premium goal. It is a business card that presents the new product Lexus LBX, where LBX stands for Lexus Breakthrough Crossover. And quite possibly there could be a breakthrough for the brand, relatively little known and frequented in Europe and Italy, which plays its best cards with this mini SUV, compact, pleasant to drive and with attractive lines. And judging by the 650 contracts already signed just for “participating” as a sponsor of the ATP Finals in Turin, with the initial editions already sold out, the conditions are there for Lexus senior management’s dream to come true: sell 3000 of them in Italy units per year.

The drive system is a new bipolar battery hybrid based on a 1500 petrol engine with a power of 91 kv combined with an electric unit with a power of 69 kW and 4.7 kW for the four-wheel drive variants with a total power of 136 k and 185 Nm. of torque regardless of traction. But let’s take a closer look at this LBX, which we had the opportunity to test on the streets of Valencia and the surrounding areas. AND smallest The Japanese company’s 4.19-meter-long range car, developed on Toyota Group’s global GA-B platform, shares architecture but not dimensions with the Yaris Cross, as evidenced by the fact that it gains 6 centimeters (1.83 meters) in width and in wheelbase reaches 2.6 meters. Top speed is 170 per hour and 0 to 100 is done in the 9.2″ front wheel drive model.


Premium, as we mentioned at the beginning, interiorwith two screens with a diagonal of 12.3 and 9.8″ and good finishes even in detail, as well as premium Adas (among them monitoring the blind spot, which also prevents the door from opening when you are standing, someone from behind) with another intelligent “smart ” to emphasize relaxation on board: “Vehicle Posture Break Control”, a driving control system that limits roll when braking and when cornering and also absorbs vibrations. Available in four trim levels (Elegant, the only one in the price list exclusively with front-wheel drive, Emotion, Relax and Cool) is more than customizable, browsing through 14 themes and 64 combinations.

The official price list starts from 38 thousand euros but for its emissions, the Lexus LBX is entitled to 2,000 euros in environmental incentives, which are added to the 4,000 that the company offers for those who have a used one (also for scrapping). Anyone who already has a Lexus in the family can also count on an additional discount of 1,000 euros. And so, after subtracting everything, we arrive at 31,000 euros. The Lexus LBX 4×4 costs 2,000 euros more and uses an additional 6.4 HP electric motor to drive the rear wheels. That’s why conquering customers, young and old, women and men: the Lexus slogan that Miriam Leone will have as a testimony of the advertising campaign.



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