The new LG speaker, which hides a tube amplifier behind the OLED screen


One of the new speakers LG will unveil at Ces 2024 will feature an ancient but never-released component like tube amplifier. The result is a kind of suggestive reinterpretation of a jukebox with valves well protected behind a variably transparent OLED panel, which will act as a digital window for observing the internal components and at the same time shows information about the songs being played (or other content). The picture is completed by 360-degree speakers that create a sound environment that mixes the magic and warm sound of valves with the latest generation solutions.

Integrated tube amplifiers were used in sound systems of the last century to reproduce music very well harmonious and warm, creating a natural and engaging atmosphere, also minimizes distortion. Simply put, valves can vary the voltage level of the signal current applied to the input to combine both preamplification and final amplification in a single device. Even today, it is possible to purchase these systems, but they are quite expensive (on average from 1500 euros and up), bulky and require considerable consumption. Lg’s idea is to integrate the valves into the latest generation sound system, combining the old and the modern. The name of the speaker is DukeBox and it focuses on minimalistic and elegant lines so that it can be easily placed in environments with different and varied styles.

The front OLED panel can adjust the transparency to different levels from the maximum, which turns it into a window, to the smallest, which displays information about, for example, playing songs or widgets. If necessary, animations can also be started that can accompany the fascinating sound of the valves like a lit fireplace. An array of speakers located on all sides allows for a more engaging and immersive listening experience. At the moment there is still no official word on the price or release of the speaker, we will know more at Ces 2024, which will debut in a week, on January 9th.


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