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Between November 13 and December 12, there was a sharp increase in malicious email campaigns, with 30% of all emails involving attempts to breach the security of personal data. This is according to data from the IT security company Bitdefender, which has published the results of research into online fraud linked to Christmas shopping.

According to researchers, cybercriminals use so-called phishing to encourage users to open infected attachments or visit fraudulent websites to post their personal information online. The most imitated brands during this period were Sony, Louis Vuitton, Walmart and Home Depot. Unlike the first two, the latter involved campaigns focused mainly on the United States.

The top countries involved in holiday-themed spam are the US at 29%, followed by Ireland at 19%, France at 13% and Germany at 10%. 32% of holiday-themed spam originates from US IP addresses, followed by France at 18% and China at 13%.

The messages most often used by hackers are those promising discounts on notoriously expensive items and fake communications from couriers who deliver goods. “You should always check the legitimacy of emails and urgent messages regarding undelivered packages or suspicious activity on your online accounts,” experts explain. “As well as using a security solution that detects and blocks phishing, fraudulent websites and malware.”

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