The Toyota Crown Sport PHEV has arrived, but it only has a range of 90 km


The PEHV version, an acronym that stands for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, of Toyota Crown Sport it finally arrived. the debut in Japan shows the power of the hybrid SUV and relies on this feature to win the hearts of enthusiasts. Also noteworthy is the new sportier chassis and, of course, the fuel system with zero emissions.

New hybrid SUV

Thanks to the great race for sustainability, electric cars are becoming one of the main elements for a cleaner world. Even vehicles Plug-in Hybrid Electric However, they do make an important contribution, even if the reading of just 90 km of range is a bit on the nose, given how many electric cars are currently on offer (and for many, it’s still not enough). Anyway, the new Toyota Crown Sport model is definitely the sportiest, but also the most expensive of the range, given that it costs almost 11,000 euros more than the HEV version. The electrified drive unit combines the usual gasoline engine 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery.

The vehicle drive is driven 302 horses with the 4WD E-Four electric system. In fact, when we talk about plug-ins, we have to take into account the often successful combination that the hybrid offers between gasoline and battery. In this case, according to the car manufacturer, with a full tank of gasoline and a recharge of the battery, you will reach a range of 1,200 km. A full charge takes 5.5 hours from a regular socket, the fast charger charges it to 80% in 38 minutes.

Toyota Crown Sport PHEV, features

The damper setting was optimized. Instead, 20-inch vented discs with six-piston brake calipers provide enough stopping power for the added weight. This is almost 300 kg more than the HEV version. The vehicle is based on the TNGA platform, as are all Crown vehicles. Among the most interesting added features are the ability to use the air conditioning and audio system even while charging, and a 1500W external power function that would allow food especially large devices thanks to the supplied energy.

Inside, the upholstery combines black and red shades, sports seats and red rear seat belts add a sporty touch. As mentioned, the machine has already arrived in Japan and is available to order. The cost at home is approximately ¥7,650,000 47 thousand euros, for the RS trim level, which is the highest. That’s definitely a higher price than the HEV model, but this hybrid version of the SUV seems to be worth it all.


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