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Microsoft’s Christmas gift to fans is juicy The Xbox series, the main console at home. From the originals 549.99 euros it actually drops to 409.99, with a discount of 140 euros on the basic set, which also includes the official wireless controller. The initiative is available on the official website of e it also includes its younger sister, the Xbox Series S of the digital-only type, which is available for €249.99, a €50 discount on the list price.

The Xbox series after a stormy debut (like its rival PS5) amid the Covid-19 pandemic and a relative shortage of raw materials that lasted until a few months ago. 2022 also saw a price increase, but with 2024 it will be easier and cheaper to take home Microsoft’s next-gen console. On the occasion of Black Friday 2023, it was even tentatively priced at 399 euros in a bundle with the game Diablo IVbut with the price drop that Microsoft is promoting on the official website, it is more than predictable that all vendors will also steadily reduce their requirements.

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To take advantage of the opportunity, simply go to the official website and proceed with your purchase 409.99 euros limited to a maximum of three consoles per buyer and the option to purchase optional accessories or games. Xbox Series S can be ordered at 249.99 euros including a three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It’s worth pointing out that the price of the Xbox series is on Amazon at the moment


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