There are only a few days left until another moon landing, Japan’s first


Japan is preparing for its first moon landing, becoming the fifth country to achieve this milestone.
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The Japan is getting ready to celebrate and great successwhich is expected from the next January 19 at 4:20 p.m approximately Italian time. The lander is actually scheduled to land at this time Slim (A smart lander for lunar exploration) Japanese Space Agency (JAXA).

In fact, this is no small feat at this point only 4 other countries were able to successfully perform a soft landing on lunar soilin chronological order: The Soviet Union, United StatesChina and India.

For soft landing on the moon it means a landing in which lunar module he won’t come destroyed by impact with the terrain of our satellite.

This little lander has a long way to go only 2 metersit just started 4 months agoThe September 7, 2023. The lunar module was actually on board the H-2A missile and there is Christmas Day itself successfully entered orbit around our satellite.

Landing details

This landing will also particularly complicated because the point at which it is programmed has a slight slopeon average about 6/7 degrees. This is a plot of land nearby small crater Shiolifrom about 0.27 km in diameter and is located in the southeastern part visible face of the mooncreated from material ejected from the crater due to relatively recent impact.

One of greater danger it’s a lander it rolls over coming into contact with an inclined surface, for this reason Japanese engineers they had to minimize weight and size lunar module.

So they had to do it miniaturize each component to the maximum Slim lander and had to design with incredible detail the path he followed to ask for the least amount of fuel possible.

The journey was really long very winding on make the most of gravity Earth, Moon and Sun, e.g contain consumption on the road, also becausevery accurate landing which he would have to carry out, he said Mrspot landinghe needs one additional fuel reserve.

A mission studied to the smallest detail

Besides, as we assumed, the Japanese researchers had to reduce size even gods two scientific instruments on board the lander.

Really slim supplied door to be one multi-band spectral cameraessential for study rock composition surrounding the point where it lands; this a pair of small probes (the Lunar Excursion Vehicles), right will separate from the main module shortly before landing and that in addition to photographing the location, they will also perform aautonomous exploration on the surface.

In short, it is clear howJapan Space Agency they want to raise the bar and Push this mission to the limit.

If things don’t go according to plan, one has been planned second window of opportunity for descent for February 16, 2024 but hopefully the first one will be good.


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