There will be over 640 million connected cars by 2027


Connected carsgrowth will exceptional. By the end of 2023, there will be over 350 million connected cars in circulation in the world, representing an increase of 18% compared to 2022.

For 2027 the global fleet of connected cars will exceed 640 million pieces, and then get into it will exceed 900 million at the beginning of the next decade.

These forecasts are based on processingAutopromotec Observatory based on a study conducted by the British Technology Research and Consultancy Group For God’s sake.

Connected cars

Connected cars because they will dominate

According to researchThe number of connected vehicles in circulation, i.e. vehicles equipped with a mobile connectivity solution capable of effectively assisting the driver and providing real-time information, will double within a few years.

Connected cars they can receive traffic information and diagnostics, as well as communicate with road infrastructure and travel in conjunction with other vehicles.

Also cars attached are equipped with numerous screens in the front and rear of the passenger compartment, the dimensions of which are to be increased to facilitate the use of video and entertainment services.

Technology to ensure that the connection will be more and more enlarged and it will therefore be investments on the part of the car manufacturers, but also on the part of the car service.

Automotive spare parts market they will therefore need to prepare for constant challenges on the digital side and be able to acquire cross-cutting skills that are increasingly technological.

These needs and the initiatives that need to be implemented to adapt to market developments will be discussed at Futurmotive Expo & Talks, a new event Car promoter dedicated to manufacturers, component manufacturers, distributors and buyers, scheduled for Bologna from 16 to 18 November 2023 and which will address the challenges of energy and environmental transformation and new business models in the automotive sector.

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Last change: September 7, 2023


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