They don’t like touch, Volkswagen restores physical buttons


Modernity does not always rhyme with comfort, and technology can sometimes take a step back: Volkswagen revised the interior of the ID.2all electric concept bringing back to the dashboard an element of the past such as i physical buttons. Preliminary versions of the electric car were actually dedicated to a minimalistic, all-touch interior with controls at your fingertips. A very pleasant solution to look at It doesn’t seem to have received proper approval from users. And the customer is always right.

It was the staff who noticed the change A truck, who visited the Volkswagen design studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, and noted how the interior of the ID.2all budget electric car concept differs from the first images. Instead of a completely buttonless dashboard, there are now several buttons to control various vehicle options from multimedia to air conditioning. When asked why, VW designer Darius Watola noted that they are taking a new approach for all upcoming models, guided by user feedback, which: especially in Europe they prefer physical keys. In short, compared to what was seen on recently launched cars such as the Mk8 Golf and ID.3 where touchscreens dominated. The same CEO of the German brand, Tomas Schäfer, said last June how the excessive use of touch screens caused considerable damage to general satisfaction and required a refresh of the buttons on the steering wheel.

The choice of Volkswagen is not surprising, just remember the premature farewell to the MacBook Pro with the infamous Touch Bar, which never resonated with the public. Physical keys are still very popular in 2023 given that they provide a tactile experience that no touchscreen can currently replicate. It is no coincidence that substitute solutions such as vibration or haptic feedback are often used to make the contact more three-dimensional.


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