Threads are now available in Italy: everything you need to know


The procedure is very simple, just connect to the home page, download the relevant Android or iPhone app (there is also a QR code to scan for direct download from stores), then choose log in with your Instagram username already exists or create a new one. If you choose the first option, you will automatically create a link to your Threads on your Instagram profile and also keep the same username and profile photo. Depending on the space, this is now possible delete your Threads account without also deleting the linked Instagram, select Disable in the internal settings.

How it works and how to use threads

Threads is one of the most faithful revivals of Twitter that was and is usable from apps for Android or iOS as well as in the web browser version. The interface is clean and minimalistic, with icons placed in the corresponding bar that refer to functions such as search (magnifying glass), activities (heart) and settings (little man). You can:

  • post a post by tapping or clicking on the pencil icon in the notebook, or by attaching photos, videos or links,
  • follow other accounts and mention them in postswhile Instagram messaging is used to send private messages,
  • you can on other people’s posts like, forward, comment or share via DM message.

Brands are introduced nowadays, but they work differently than other social networks. Instead of a single word, you’ll be able to categorize each post with a full sentence, complete with spaces and special characters. To avoid spam and fraud, you can only use one tag per post at this time.

Who to follow? Cable Italy of course.


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