TomTom partners with Microsoft to bring generative artificial intelligence to cars


TomTom, the Dutch company that makes satellite navigation systems, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Microsoft to develop new automotive solutions based on generative artificial intelligence (AI) models.


TomTom delivered conversational assistant which enables more sophisticated voice interaction with infotainment, positioning systems and vehicle control using the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service.

This solution, integrated into the TomTom Digital Cockpitopen and modular on-board infotainment platform used and adapted in other automotive infotainment systems speed time to market while maintaining ownership of your brand and driving experience.


Thanks to this assistant, drivers can converse naturally with your vehicle to request a ride to a specific location, find specific stops along the route and control onboard systems with your voice, such as turning up the temperature, opening the windows or changing the radio station. All with a single interaction. This solution, as already mentioned, integrates the service Microsoft Azure OpenAI to leverage large language models in addition to Azure Kubernetes, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Cognitive.

TomTom started working with Microsoft in 2016 and powers Azure Maps positioning services. Subsequently, the two companies expanded their partnership to include mapping data and services for Microsoft’s proprietary maps. As a natural evolution of their relationship, the companies are now collaborating on these solutions for the automotive market. Together with Microsoft, Meta and Amazon, TomTom is part of the Overture Maps Foundation, which makes open source map data available to anyone.


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