Toyota Land Cruiser stopped, sales stand, that’s the place


One million fewer models produced during the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects are now being felt. Also Toyota Land Cruiser halt due to production issues the company has faced and apparently continues to face. The Japanese market is paying for it. The Japanese company has decided to slow down sales of this and other models in its country.

Limited domestic sales

Toyota is trying to overcome its continuous production backlogs, which is why it has decided to limit sales of some of its most popular models in Japan. Dealers have revealed that Toyota will no longer be accepting orders for the Alphard from mid-November. Additionally, Toyota has stopped taking orders for the 300 series Land Cruiser. Specifically, it is one of the most popular models, so much so that it will soon debut in the States, probably with a price tag of around $55,000. There is no end to the big maneuvers for the Japanese giant, such as the arrival of a new hybrid diesel engine coming to the Hilux. In the meantime, however, we have to deal with the shortcomings Production due to arrears.

It’s definitely an unpopular choice, but at the same time we think it’s a necessary one, given that no company would choose not to comply unless they were actually forced to do so. Nikkei Asia, the country’s economic newspaper, reports that retailers across the country are already feeling the effects. As already mentioned, demand exceeds supply, which lacks its production capacity. The automaker recently raised its domestic production forecast for fiscal 2023 by 90,000 units from its original forecast. 3.34 millioneven in response to strong demand for its vehicles. However, to complicate things, there are backlogs that still need to be processed.

Toyota Land Cruiser stops

As mentioned, many of these problems are due to an extraordinary event Covid which hit everyone on the planet about two years ago. The lack of a chip set off a kind of chain reaction that Toyota has yet to escape. The company continued to take orders and had a million vehicle backlog left to fill. None of this was helped by the decision to change sales channels. Before 2020, Toyota dealers in Japan were divided into four categories and could only sell certain vehicles in those categories. Now any model Toyota can be purchased at any retailer.

This change actually caused a real wave of orders. In any case, a giant like Toyota certainly does not stand still and does not allow itself to be overwhelmed by events. For this reason also the choice to stop the sale Land Cruiser in Japan, along with other popular models at home, it looks more than reasonable. Small improvements due to this strategy are visible. Delivery times were reduced from 6 to 5 months. By the spring of next year, this wait is expected to be further reduced to 4 months. And we’ll probably get back to it when the red alert for production is lifted sell this beloved off-roader with more swagger than before.


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