Toyota RAV4, why choose it and why not?


Toyota RAV4 It is Dynamic SUV, effective and safe. After undergoing a soft restyling in 2022, Sports utility vehicle The Japanese is available with hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

It is the best-selling SUV in the world Toyota RAV4 with the launch of the 2023 model year, it adopts a new multimedia system with a 10.5-inch screen and a high-definition color display. A cloud navigation system that offers detailed, accurate and, above all, constantly updated information, the possibility of receiving details about traffic or road works in real time, as well as information about the presence of parking near the set destination, is also interesting.

Data packageSmart service“with wireless data update is included in the first four years from the date of purchase of the car, so the customer can access data on Toyota navigation system and multimedia without having to connect your smartphone to the vehicle. Throughapplication Wash it is possible to remotely access various information related to your car, from the remaining fuel level to maintenance alerts to vehicle tracking, you can wirelessly connect your smartphone to the vehicle and access Apple CarPlayconnect with Android Auto you need a cable.

The model year brings with it a number of innovations, through voice commands it is possible to adjust the air conditioning and multimedia system, but also to make calls or open and close the windows, just say “Hey Toyota” followed by a phrase like “I’m cold” to increase the temperature of the air conditioning and close all open windows.

Standard equipment on all trim levels of the new RAV4 includes:

  • remote control air conditioning
  • locking/unlocking doors without a key.

Digital cockpit

Toyota RAV4 2023

For the 2023 model year, a new digital cockpit comes with a fully customizable 12.3-inch TFT display, the driver can choose between different information between the speedometer and digital dials, it is possible to select the Eco drive indicator, but also information on the radio, station selection or display of the adaptive cruise control display .

Four optional layouts with specific graphics:

Toyota Safety Sense of the second generation

On the new one RAV4 is here Toyota Safety Sense system the latest generation capable of avoiding or mitigating the risks associated with potential collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

The pre-collision system (PCS) is able to detect the presence of pedestrians in the path of the car, automatically activates the brakes in case of danger, warns the driver with an acoustic signal, with an emergency Management assistant it is possible to avoid a pedestrian who has entered the road while always maintaining control of the vehicle, the system is also able to recognize bicycles and parked vehicles.

Why choose it?

Toyota RAV4 2023

Four settings (Active, Style, Adventure AND Lounge) for the Hybrid version, each characterized by standard equipment in accordance with different driving and individual needs, for those looking for an even sportier appearance than the Adventure, with the launch of the 2023 model year there is also the GR Sport variant, a bold and particularly dynamic configuration .

The plug-in hybrid drive makes the RAV4 a car usable in any context and driving situation, abundant torque and power (306 hp at 227 Nm) and particularly low consumption are a must for the Japanese brand, which has always been a leader in this type of fuel delivery. and configuration, engines powerful but at the same time efficient and with reduced consumption.

New RAV4 has practically everything as standard, It has a discreet appearance and the right dimensions that allow valid use in the city just like on the highway. The comfort corresponds to a premium SUV, the new instrument and information system enable significantly higher connectivity than in the past, excellent response of the engine and brakes.

There on the road the new Toyota RAV4 it exhibits excellent grip, body roll is moderate, the brakes are always ready, the steering is light enough in the city but precise at higher speeds, no aerodynamic rustling and creaking from the internal plastics.

Why not choose it

Few flaws for a high quality SUV e-CVT transmission it now struggles to compete with the automatic transmissions adopted by the competition, with the dual clutch being the common denominator among European premium manufacturers.

Visibility is not exceptional either, the switch is visible in the petrol-electric passage, the luggage compartment has a regular surface, but the charging cables do not have a specific case. Another sore point is the price Plug-In Hybrid it is sold from a list price of 51,600 euros, the full equipment must be taken into account, but also competitors who have newer and more commercially attractive models on offer.


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