Trump barred from US primaries in 2024


AGI – The Colorado Supreme Court struck it down Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential race regarding his state, when he was declared ineligible for the White House, due to his involvement in the January 6, 2021 uprising, when hundreds of his supporters attacked Congress.

Trump, who was impeached for these facts, announced his appeal to the Federal Supreme Court. PUSH Colorado’s decision, which may be followed by other states, will lead to the intervention of the highest judges in Washington DC, who will have to resolve the issue and determine whether Trump is eligible to run for the role of President of the United States. The decision will apply not only to Colorado, but also to all other states.

But pending developments, the Colorado court’s decision is already historic: it is the first time a candidate has been expelled in the United States under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which states that anyone who engages in rebellion against the Constitution after having sworn allegiance to it cannot become President. The tycoon’s staff defined the decision as “bad and undemocratic”. Meanwhile, Trump was excluded from the party primaries. The state Supreme Court ruled by a 4:3 vote.

“The majority of the court – the justices wrote in the ruling – holds that President Trump cannot be president under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

“Because he is not legitimized – they continue – it would be a mistake to include him as a candidate in the presidential primaries.”

“We – they emphasized – did not come to these conclusions lightly. We are aware of the size and seriousness of the problems we face. However, we are aware of our honorable duty to apply the law without fear or favor and without being influenced by the public’s reaction to the decision we have reached. “

Similar cases were dismissed in Minnesota and New Hampshire. In Michigan, a judge ruled that the matter was political and not up to him to decide, while an appeals court said Trump should not be disqualified from the race.

Trump’s reaction

“We will fight for America like never before. It’s our last battle with you by my side. We will drive out the globalists, the communists and the fascist Marxists and we will drive Joe Biden out of the White House and finish the job once and for all.” .” Donald Trump said this in an interview with his supporters in Waterloo, Iowa.

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