Weather forecast in Italy for the next few days. Still bad weather?


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We are now in at the end of Januaryless than two months to go end of meteorological winter scheduled for 29th February (remember this year is leap-year), and aside very rare and very short parentheses used to disturb autumn and now winter has passed in this way definitely atypicalwith above-average temperatures (e.g not little by little) practically always and little precipitation, though snowfall they were minimal or completely absent in a good part of the Apennines.

We currently have some in Italyresidual instability caused by a large area of ​​low pressure and related interference arrived on our territory duringlast weekend which finally brought extensive temperature drops to taste a little winter.

Weather in the next few days

But gradually this field of depression it weakens and will give way to one in the next few days a slight rise in the high pressure field.

Generally in next days we will continue to have scattered clouds with precipitation in which he will be particularly interested central-southern regions and especially you Tyrrhenianwhich may still be available locally medium intensity and acquire a boisterous character.

As we can also see from animated map present in this article and developed based on European ECMWF modeltemperatures in the coming days will continue to record anegative anomalythat is, they will mainly be maintained below typical values for this time of year, with even peaks 8°C below normal between Piedmont and Liguria.

Thermal anomaly
Italy temperature anomaly forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10, 2024.

This trend will remain unchanged for a few days, but as we approach weekend the intensification of the high pressure will be more apparent and so will the “weather improvement”..

For Saturday and Sunday a period characterized by conditions is expected general stability of the atmospherewith mostly clear or partly cloudy skies and generally without significant phenomena associated with certain residual precipitation center-south.

L’intensive ventilation from the northern quadrants that will interest us most of the week will ensure that despite the improvement of the weather there will be temperature they remain anyway quite stiffwith mostly negative anomalies.

Temperatures will gradually rise again

However with that passing days slowly too temperature will return to progressive recording increasesuntil it tends to come back in line with or above average climatological for this time of year indoors early next week.

Thermal anomaly 2
Temperature anomaly forecast for next Monday, January 15, 2024.

PUSH weather trend then he sees a heat returnthanks for the reminder warm air from the southern quadrantsbut with changeable weather conditionsassociated with patchy cloud cover and scattered rainfall which at the moment they seem to have a special interest in them central-northern regions.

However, it is one simple weather trend and not accurate and timely predictions in order to develop the latter, we must wait for further updates of the mathematical models.


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