What Threads is missing to overcome X


At 12 o’clock on December 14, 2023, our smartphones could get acquainted with the new Meta application: naturally we are talking about Threads, a revision of the good old Twitter (now X) designed by Mark Zuckerberg. The aim of Facebook’s inventor was to offer a concrete alternative to X: and with Threads he succeeded. What’s new in the age of TikTok is that with Threads we return to giving importance to the text, although the new Menlo Park product will focus much more on the use of multimedia content such as photos, videos and audio. Launching a mostly “text” social network may seem an anachronistic choice in 2023, but it must be said that Threads is the piece that completes his empire for Zuckerberg: after “copying” Reels from TikTok and ByteDance, he now has the first Twitter he also answered. A few hours later edition in Italy and Europewe tried to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the new social network present on the European market, focusing on the main characteristics that distinguish it from its direct competition

Mark Zuckerberg’s Thread announces the release of Threads in Europe

Where are they topic?

L’graphical interface it’s really very similar to that of the current version of X, and that makes it easy for new subscribers to navigate the new app. Home, as in the post on X. In short, everything is there to ensure that the new app replaces the old one. If it wasn’t single, great, deficiency: absence trending topics.

The driving force behind Twitter’s success is none other than the top talking points of the day. Always, first on Twitter and then on X, users have always been shown a mirror of current topics. A kind of overview of the day, divided into topics: based on the time you log in, it is actually possible to know on X the names, words or phrases that are trending at that moment. You only need to read a few posts to understand why they ended up trending and understand what we are talking about. Not only that, Twitter/X’s strength was also that it played the role of a modern news agency with continuous text updates. Without current affairs insight, the X will always have a slight advantage over its newborn twin that it offers sentiment accurate from its users. It should also be noted that when it comes to the desktop version from the search bar, it is not possible to search for topics but only profiles: for this reason, the official profile of Threads advised new members to initially use the social network mainly from applications.

The bubble does not burst, on the contrary

One of the harshest criticisms that has always been leveled at X is that it relegates users to their own bubble. Although both have a page dedicated to “For you”: i.e. content selected by an algorithm based on your preferences, the feeling is that even Threads ends up relegating its users to their own bubbleswith exceptions. This is probably influenced by the fact that Threads is essentially an “imported” social network: in the sense that many (if not all) of us ended up there by going directly from your Instagram profile. This means that when we get to threads, the content we see will still be affected in some wayimprinting submitted to Threads by our Instagram account.

There is also some good (yet…)

However, access via Instagram is not only negative. It may have only been a few hours since its release in Europe, but Threads looks like it a much more “real” environment than X. What you may notice is a drastic decrease in fake and “troll” accounts compared to the competing app. Registering through Instagram actually ensures that your Instagram account acts as a passport to access the new social network. Some kind of “guarantee” that could be reduced Expressions of hatred AND shitstorm once the boom in new registrations ends and the user base settles down.

There is another positive aspect related to this that cannot be underestimated reporting system: on Twitter or X, reporting guidelines have always been much less strict than the standards adopted on Instagram and Meta in general. Since Musk’s arrival, efficiency has further decreased. Meta, on the other hand, is tougher. This allows you to keep the digital thread spaces much cleaner. Several users have defined threads in this regard “Twitter Before Musk Came”: You can say they came very close. At the moment…


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