What to choose between Volkswagen T-Roc and Audi Q2: the two SUVs compare size, prices and engines


Audi Q2 AND Volkswagen T-Roc they are two SUVs from the Volkswagen concern that are often considered by potential customers due to certain similarities such as size, price and equipment, although they still have some differences that should not be underestimated. Both the 2016 and 2017 birth years cover the middle range of tall bikes of their respective brands. It was a historical period in which car companies tried to intervene immediately, tried to satisfy the needs of European motorists, looked for overpowered cars. The progressive and constant shift in focus from compact sedans to SUVs/crossovers has forced the VW Group to design new models that are able to use existing platforms – such as the MQB or MQB A1 – but are supported by chassis with a wider lift and more generous. ground clearance in favor inner space he was born in comfort. Both manufacturers have thus responded with models capable of achieving remarkable success in all the years they have been on the market, although more than seven and a half years have already passed since they were first launched.

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Size and design

Audi Q2 it was launched from 2016 as an alternative to the more famous and iconic Audi A3 with tall wheels. The number “2” in the nomenclature meant a model capable of placing itself in the hitherto unexplored niche between the aforementioned sedan and the smaller A1. The name “Q” indicates that it belongs to the SUV range of the house with four rings as the base model. Take advantage of the options the MQB platform, inherited from the Golf 7, Seat Leon, but also from the third generation Audi A3. It’s long 4 meters and 21, and is mainly classified among B-segment crossovers, due to its compact and boxy dimensions. The design is a mix of the Audi A3 and Audi A1 with small hints of the Q5, resulting in one of the first models in the segment to boast the “premium” designation. Among the accessories, there is also a contrasting roof, full LED matrix headlights, alloy wheels up to 19″ and highly desirable aesthetic modifications, as in the case of the Identity Black setup, which acquires gloss black surfaces, polished headlights and bumpers. characteristic.

Move to Volkswagen T-Roc, it is a very successful model, presented since 2017 as a high-wheeled alternative to the famous Golf 7. In a few years, it managed to displace the “Queen of Europe”, surpassing it in sales and showing how much the cars raised from the ground were more desirable than the classic compact sedans . Built from MQB A1 platform – a slight simplification of the standard MQB from the Q2 – offers the option of a linked-wheel rear axle or independent arms like the Q2, but with some less noble solutions. The design is typically inspired by the Golf, but finds affinities with the larger Touareg, such as the radiator grille integrated with the headlights and the shape of the rear. with 2021 restyling new matrix LED headlights, more elaborate bumpers and a new range of alloy wheels were introduced, again up to 19″. There are enough aesthetic modifications for it too, from a contrasting black roof or shiny black alloy wheels, to the most affordable versions in R-Line or Sport trim , with new inspiration.

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Interiors and technology

Audi Q2, inside it offers a typically minimalist cockpit in pure Audi style, inspired by the third generation Audi A3 present until 2020. Unlike the new T-Roc, the Q2 did not follow the aesthetic course of the house of the four rings without being updated. exterior and interior in line with what was done on the Audi A3 (which switched to the new MQB Evo platform with the new model instead). So passenger space has seen minor changes, but remains behind the competition. It’s in the middle of the dashboard display up to 8.3″, also touch-sensitive, which can be electronically inserted into the dashboard. In front of the driver there is an alternative of digital instruments Audi Virtual Cockpit over 10″ or analogue and digital dials. Materials are quite good, from robust and strong plastics to softer or leather surfaces, both for the seats and for the door trim and steering wheel, in leather from the first versions Smartphone connectivity is available from the second level of equipment good space on board while strain, 355 or 405 liters depending on the engines.

Move to Volkswagen T-Rocwe find a very similar approach to what was seen with the Golf 7 and 7.5, and as we also saw with the Q2, we did not choose to follow the generational development that also happened with the Golf 8.space for passengers therefore it appears rather Rational and not too committed to digitization as seen on the sedan. The new one makes its debut 8-inch digital instrumentation behind the wheel or the most generous Digital cockpit which comes to the fore 10.25 inches, from which all car parameters are checked while running. A new screen will also appear in the middleinfotainment, 6.5, 8 or 9 inches diagonal, complete with all connectivity features. Materials have grown from the first model in 2017, with better assemblies and finishes, although there remains a generous presence of hard and lighter plastics. The space on board is good for four people or a family, as the T-Roc is actually one of the cars most chosen by young couples. There are air vents for rear seat passengers as well as two USB-C sockets, although the central transmission tunnel takes away space for the fifth middle passenger. More than spacious then strainbeginning 445 litersup to a maximum of 1,230 liters by folding down the second row of seats.

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Engines and prices

Although they share an almost similar platform, the two models do not share all the same engines. Audi Q2 suggests1.0 3 cylinders 30 TFSI from 110 HP as the entry engine in the range, then it moves to the most famous 1.5 4 cyl turbo petrol from 150 hp and manual or automatic S-tronic transmission. It is at the top of the gasoline range 2.0 4 cyl turbo from 190 HP or the most powerful With Q2 rejected as a 300 HP, with both automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Engine offer diesel suggests to all 2.0 4 cyl turbo, about performance 116 or 150 hp, with a choice of manual or automatic transmission, and in the second all-wheel drive. No electrification is expected for these units. THE price lists they are leaving from 32,200 euros for the three-cylinder 110 HP and 33,350 for the diesel, always in Business trim.

Move to Volkswagen T-Roc, the range of engines is quite similar, it also boasts petrol or diesel alternatives, but without electrification. Always present1.0 3 cylinders turbo gasoline from 110 HP and manual transmission, then switching to1.5 4 cyl turbo from 150 HP, also in combination with a seven-speed DSG automatic. Move to dieselyou will find 2.0 TDI dressed as 116 or 150 hp, combined with a DSG automatic and, in the case of the most powerful, with all-wheel drive. The most powerful at the top T-Roc Rwith 2.0 4 cylinder turbo and all wheel drive, with well 300 HP and DSG automatic transmission. The price T-Roc’s attack gear is attached to 29,900 euros for the 110hp petrol version, while the diesel is available from €34,150, both in Life trim, at the base of the range.

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Final thoughts

These are two comfortable, spacious crossovers with excellent engines. Both offer a well-equipped entry level, although some extras are reserved for the Audi Q2 only. This offers a more youthful and sporty design, especially in S Line or Identity Black trim, while the T-Roc is more sober and traditional, although it can still show some sporty hints in Sport or R-Line trim. The T-Roc is also more spacious, thanks to the extra centimeters of length, which will be especially appreciated by the luggage compartment and the passengers in the back. If we look at the price lists instead, they are almost evenly priced, with small differences of a few thousand euros usually in favor of the T-Roc.


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