when is Mardi Gras and Easter?


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With the Epiphany The Christmas holidays in Italy are over again this year. Now we have January without days of celebration, full of resumption of various activities, including the reopening of schools. With the end of the holidays at the turn of December and January and the beginning of the new year, the interest of many focuses entirely on the upcoming days of celebration.

We will see in this article when will the holidays be in 2024, what are the possible bridges and other interesting things about this leap year who will have a day longer than usual.

Calendar 2024: when is Carnival and Easter?

The dates of the carnival are closely related to Easter. On Shrove Tuesday, which is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, it falls six weeks before Easter every year. We therefore need to know the date of Easter Sunday in order to know when we will be celebrating Mardi Gras. In 2024, Easter will be on March 31, as we explained in this article Fat Tuesday will be Tuesday, February 13.

The date of Easter changes every year in connection with the full moon. According to what was decided during the Council of Nicea held in 325, this religious holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. The beginning of spring is fixed by the church on March 21st (although in reality the equinox can vary between the 19th and 21st). So in 2024 Easter will be March 31st and Easter Monday will be April 1st.

Mardi Gras 2024 culminates on Shrove Tuesday, February 13, followed by Easter on March 31. Easter Monday will be celebrated on April 1.

Other holidays until summer: when April 25 and May 1?

Other holidays in 2024 will be: April 25, Liberation Day from Nazi Fascism, which this year falls on a Thursday and will allow the lucky ones a long bridge. Immediately following will be Labor Day, May 1st, which falls on a Wednesday in 2024. Republic Day, June 2, this year it falls on a Sunday instead. We will have to wait until the 15th of August, until the middle of August, for a new day of celebration. In this leap year, Ferragosto falls on a Thursday, allowing for bridges.

April 25th falls on a Thursday, allowing the lucky ones to build the bridge. May 1 will be a Wednesday, while June 2 will fall on a Sunday in 2024. August 15, August 15, will be a Thursday.

The last part of 2024, here are the holidays until Christmas

We continue the holidays of 2024, we will find November 1, All Saints’ Day: this year falls on a Friday, allows you to extend the weekend. We will not have the same luck with December 8th, the Immaculate Conception, which falls on a Sunday this year, while December 25th will be a Wednesday (the 26th, so Thursday).

Calendar 2024, holiday summary

  • New Year – Monday, January 1;
  • Epiphany – Saturday, January 6;
  • Easter – Sunday, March 31;
  • Easter Monday – Monday, April 1;
  • Liberation Day – Thursday, April 25;
  • Workers Day – Wednesday, May 1;
  • Republic Day – Sunday, June 2;
  • mid august – Thursday, August 15;
  • All Saints – Friday, November 1;
  • Immaculate – Sunday, December 8;
  • Christmas – Wednesday, December 25;
  • Saint Stephen – Thursday, December 26.


Also, remember that 2024 will be a leap year: that is, it will have 366 days instead of 365. This extra day will be February 29a date that recurs only once every four years.

So in 2024 we will have a longer February. Leap years are used to correct a “small” error in our calendar, which considers the length of a year to be 365 days when in reality it is 365 days and almost 6 hours. About 24 hours of error accumulate every four years and must be recovered in leap years.


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