Which plants bloom in December? Here is a list of the different species


December is blooming
Despite the cold climate and frosts, it is possible to observe the flowering of various plants at this time of the year.
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December is the month that begins the winter season. The climate begins to cool as the days gradually shorten and the first waves of bad weather arrive accompanied by rain, wind, snow and freezing temperatures.

Despite the cold climate and frosts, it is possible to observe the flowering of various plants at this time of the year. Many of them are well known because they represent a typical Christmas symbol. Among them we have holly, it is often used as a Christmas decoration pittosporum, The Mistletoe, PUSH Callicarpa, Ivy and Ponchyrus, with its fragrant fruits similar to small oranges.

But there are many other plants that can be grown at home and abroad and which guarantee us a blooming garden even in mid-December.

Here is an example of some December flowers

Except the famous ones Poinsettiaused more as a houseplant in this period, we find Calicanto, a very fragrant flowering tree that can be grown in a large garden. This species begins to flower in December.

The flourish is very choreographed Purple thinking, a very cold and frost tolerant species that produces very large flowers in large open spaces and clearings. This plant can be grown in pots and in the garden. It is ideal for planting flower beds.

Blooms in December.
Mistletoe, one of the typical flowers of December

Last but not least is flowering Ornamental cabbage. The Ornamental cabbage It can be grown in the garden or in pots. Do not confuse with edible cabbage, because its cultivation is only aesthetic. They bloom in December, which have a very scenic effect

In addition, another plant that offers suggestive and fragrant flowers in December is Camellia. It can be grown in a pot or in the ground, requiring little maintenance. Its flowering intoxicates the entire environment where it was planted with perfume.

Some specific species

One of them is undoubtedly the so-called Christmas rose. It blooms in December even under snow. Flowers begin to bloom in December and bloom continues until March. It is easily grown both in the open ground and in garden pots. Flowers can be up to 8 cm in diameter.

Another special flower is the flower Verbascum thapsus which produces very delicate, yellow flowers. The Verbascum thapsus comes from Europe and parts of Western Asia. It grows from the sea to the foothills up to 700/800 meters, especially in uncultivated land, on the edges of crops, in meadows and pastures.

In the month of December Trifolium pratensemore commonly known as Clover of meadows, is a species found in all regions of Italy from north to south. Another special flowering is rosemary, very widespread in Italy. Especially in the south.

Yellow sorrel
Flowering yellow wood sorrel.

Rosemary usually blooms after spring and in any case during periods of mild climate. These are very beautiful small purple-white flowers that transform the classic sprigs of rosemary and give the bush a little color. QWhen the plant is placed in the garden, the flowering has a nice ornamental value.

Yellow forest sorrel in the far south

While at the end of December, immediately after Christmas, in the countryside and in the uncultivated countries of the far south, especially in Sicily and Sardinia, the massive flowering begins from Oxalis pes-capraealso better known as di yellow sorrel, is one of the most widespread, especially along central-southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia.

This type of weed, which arrived in Sicily in the 19th century, is the undisputed protagonist at the end of December and January, coloring the landscape, the soil and even the coastal areas yellow, creating spring scenarios in the heart of winter. .


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