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The year 2023 we are leaving behind has been characterized by strong international tensions, with conflicts in Ukraine and Israel still ongoing, while on the economic front, fears of an unrealized recession and pressure to raise rates dominated. scene. It was on this front that savers followed the development of the bond market with great interest, with BTP issues leading the way.

European stock markets and Wall Street, despite their ups and downs, closed the year near highs, with Piazza Affari’s Ftse Mib up 28% as central banks ease monetary policy. These and many other topics have been continuously discussed on milanofinanza.it and since December is budget time, here are the articles that have been the most read.

What caused a sensation was last February’s news that Pope Francis had motu proprio taken property ownership away from all church bodies.

In March, however, the markets were rocked by bank failures. We were interested in whether the cases of Svb, Signature, First Republic and Credit Suisse could affect Italian institutions. Solidity indices in hand, Milano Finanza has published a ranking of the best Italian credit groups.

On June 12, at the age of 86, Silvio Berlusconi died, and right after that the question of the succession of the empire that the knight had built in more than 40 years of activity began, and MF-Milano Finanza followed all the steps.

On the European front, the slowdown of the German economy in particular caused concern, but readers were also interested in news on the topic of the circular economy. Finally, domestic politics dominated the scene in the last week of the year, with the European Stability Mechanism at the fore, sparking a strong debate on opposite sides.

Below are the 25 most read articles in 2023.

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  • Is your bank safe? Ranking of the most solid institutes in Italy
  • Silvio Berlusconi, here is the billionaire inheritance of his five children: Fininvest, Mediolanum, Mondadori, villas
  • Germany, a storm is coming in housing construction: more than 40% of companies report a lack of orders. The reasons for the collapse
  • Danilo Coppola in intensive care after cardiac arrest. He is in serious condition
  • Luca Zaia starts his own bank. Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit and Banco Bpm liquidated
  • Roche accidentally publishes study of its new immunotherapy for lung cancer patients and goes public
  • Because the autumn variant of Covid can really be different from the others
  • Berlusconi’s legacy, Colombian will emerges
  • Do you think your plastics are recycled? You are really off track
  • Berlusconi, Marta Fascina shares in the assets only if included in the will
  • Lapo Elkann, 40 million wasted in an adventure with glasses Italia Independent
  • This is why the green light for the ESM would be the death of the euro
  • Russia, central bank surprises market and raises rates by 100 basis points to 8.5% for the first time in a year
  • Berlusconi’s legacy, Marta Fascinova’s 100 million paid in installments. Children at work to avoid inheritance tax on Fininvest
  • Gdf discovers a network of abusive banks operating throughout Italy. Operation details
  • Pensions, INPS heading for collapse. How was that possible
  • ECB, unnecessary rate tightening: inflation is falling and the economy is slowing. Lagarde thus risks repeating the mistake of 2011
  • Pfizer, third quarter loss as sales of Covid vaccines collapse. Instructions confirmed
  • The Eurozone economy is creaking. And now the ECB may be forced to cut its rates
  • Markets, there is a mine ready to explode in 2024. Here is the one according to Jp Morgan Am
  • John Elkann the king without a crown: he leaves the presidency of the holding company Giovanni Agnelli bv, the parent company of Exorù
  • A new drop in inflation, a return to pre-war levels in Germany. Implications for the ECB
  • BTP, is it better to keep collecting coupons or sell for generous capital gains? Here’s what to do
  • Bond mania to beat Eni and could yield up to 7.2%


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